REVIEW: Primark PS… Makeup Remover Cloth

I’ve seen a lot of people going mad over these makeup remover cloths, so obviously I knew I had to see what the fuss is all about.

The makeup remover cloth is a towel that allows you to remove all of your makeup with NO makeup remover product, so essentially means that I would never have to buy another makeup remover again, and just keep this, saving me a LOT of money.

The Design

Firstly, The pink cloth is extremely soft. I honestly want bedding made out of it! I can’t get over it!

It also seemed to have two different sides. One more finer ‘fur’, whilst the other was more thicker. Both as soft as the other, but as there were no directions on the box, I’m not too sure if each side has a different purpose. Prehaps the thicker side is for waterproof makeup?


As far as I could gather, the only thing I needed to do was to dunk the cloth under water, and start rubbing away at the makeup that was on my mug. Easy, right?!


I actually shocked myself and managed to take before and after photos!

Excuse how oily and patchy my foundation had gone, but this is the cake face that the makeup remover cloth was up against.


I will say, it did take a bit longer than it usually would to remove my makeup, but…

Enter catfish photo here

It removed it!

In all honestly, I did think this product was a bit of a gimmick, but I actually was quite impressed with how well it did!

Whilst I felt it DID remove all of my makeup, I still felt as if I had to do a deep cleanse afterwards, just to make sure my face was as clean as possible.

Overall though, I am really impressed with this! I’m not too sure how well this would tackle waterproof makeup, and it is rougher than the typical way to remove makeup, but I think I’m sold!

I do think if I were to use this again, I would prehaps use a tiny bit of makeup remover on the cloth, just so it’s not as harsh as it is on its own!

Worth Noting:

  • There was a bit of shedding of fluff which I found on my face after using this. I’m not too sure if I was meant to wash this first, but hey ho.
  • I would 100% recommend still using a cleaner after using this, just to make sure your face is squeaky clean!
  • It would personally use this 2 times MAX before throwing it in the washing machine. One side for one day, and then the other side for another. I think if you were to buy this to replace your current makeup remover product, I’d stock up on 2 or 3 first.
  • It helps save the environment and your bank! Win win!

What did you think of this makeup remover cloth?