How To Manage A Blog Whilst Having A Busy Lifestyle

Set Goals

Don’t make these ridiculously difficult to complelte, but something like ‘I want to post 2 times per week’ or ‘I want to use Instagram more’ etc… Something that will keep you focused, but not put you off completing them.

Set A Day Aside For You To Work On Your Blog

It doesnt have to be a set day, but when you find your planner empty, change it into a ‘blog day’. This could be writing up 2 blog posts for the week, take bulk photos, or even spend a few hours thinking of what blog posts you want to create!

Don’t Force Yourself To Write

There have been times where I really couldnt be bothered to write a blog post, but forced myself to. As good as it is to push yourself, it is really obvious which posts you havent taken that much intrest in. If you’re worring that you have set days where you post, but have no content yet, just write a post saying how you’re feeling not so inspired! Your readers will appreciate you being honest, rather than publishing shitty content.

Schedule Posts

I always say this, but this is the biggest help. When I was posting everyday, I would have up to two weeks worth of scheduled posts! It means that you can pick whatever time or day you would like without having to log on and publish it yourself!

Write Ideas Down

I tend to either use my phone or mac, but everytime you get an idea, jot it down! I cannot tell you how many times I don’t write things down, and then I end up forgetting what it was!

Use A Template

Create something which you can keep in your notes, and copy and paste into your drafted post. For example, if you were writing a product review, you could have something like:


Guest Bloggers

Not only are guest bloggers a good way for other people to get there name out there, but it also helps you one hell of a lot if you don’t even have to create that post! You could put up a post saying you’re wanting guest bloggers, or you could even message other bloggers directly. Here’s an example of a guest blog post that Cassi created on my blog!

What’s your favourite ways to manage a blog whilst your schedule is busy?



33 thoughts on “How To Manage A Blog Whilst Having A Busy Lifestyle

  1. I really like the idea of writing a post about feeling uninspired! So simple and I’ve never thought of it! I think you make writers block worse for yourself when you try and force yourselves to come up with a post idea and, as you say, if you’re not passionate about what you’re writing about it’s going to be shitty post.

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  2. Hey Brooke! I’m writing a review and was wondering if you mind if I use the template, or some of it, mentioned in this post? (Intro, Price/Weight, Scent etc.) I don’t think it’s a problem but if you’d rather me not that’s fine 🙂

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  3. This post is a life saver!! I’ve had a couple times where I just couldn’t be bothered to write so I’d just not post anything. Writing a post about not being inspired to write is a great idea. I’m gonna try implementing a lot of these. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Thank you, for sharing. It has given me a lot of motivation. I especially like the idea of scheduling blog posts. I am still pretty new to the blogging community. Where I am learning as I go. I can also say I am one of those people that comes up with a lot in my head and forgets to jot them down. Later, I get upset for forgetting what I was planning to do. All in all, I enjoyed reading this post, its a big help. I am so happy to have ran across your blog!

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