I’m going to rant since that’s what I do best.

I’m proper sick of people just dumping their links in the comments. I don’t care if you leave a comment relating to the post and include your link to your blog (I’ve even recommended people doing this in my blogging advice posts), but stop pissing posting your links to your blog or with some sort of message telling everyone to follow you.

I have a blog which I’ve worked very hard for. I’m not an advertisment site.

I’ve had so many people recently just commenting their links with nothing relating to the post I’ve worked hard on, and it’s getting on my tits. Not only is it wasting my time, but it’s also wasting yours since I just delete the comment.

Whilst I’m ranting, please, please, PLEASE read my posts before you comment. I’ve had so many comments from people saying ‘I’m so glad you liked it!’ on reviews which I cleary state I hated. You just make yourself look like a mug.

Rant over.

To those who actually take the time to read and comment, I love you.


63 thoughts on “Rant.

  1. Why do people even post their link when people can click on your picture to get to the website.
    I’ve seen some people liking a bunch of post with in 10 seconds. There’s no way they have read any of my content.
    Of course likes are nice, but it doesn’t me so much to me if people don’t actually read it ☹️

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  2. So annoying! Hate it when someone comments saying they enjoyed the blog and asking me to visit theirs or follow them, and I do, then a week later they comment the exact same thing again on a different post!! X

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  3. This is so true and is such a waste of time for the people who are actually doing this. It’s really frustrating when we all take the time to write awesome things and have people who do this… such a bummer. I’m totally with you, xo.

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  4. I totally agree with you and that totally sucks!! I sometimes link my website on the comment section but I ALWAYS read the post. And usually, i don’t comment or a like a post if i don’t enjoy reading it! I personally love what you post and really feel all the efforts you put in your blog, i really respect that!!

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  5. I’m glad you liked it…

    ….πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I read the post don’t worry. I don’t get why people do that. I only click on blogs I’d like to read. Not just comment ‘great post. follow me’ on everyone’s blogs πŸ˜‚ WordPress is a place to share our ideas with each other and not to try lots of followers

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  6. Oh girl if i only knew how i’d leave mine here purely for the giggles πŸ™‚ JK!!
    Its mental how people can think its ok though! You are not alone on your rant for sure, but to the buggers who don’t even comment re: the post…. wasters…..
    one of my other blogger pals goes in and deletes the link not the post….. haven’t done that myself now but once i figure it out….

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  7. I think the most annoying is when people comment on one of your post that ‘you got a great blog’ and leave their site link and after some days They post the same thing on another post of your! Man at least don’t make it obvious that you are just buttering someone to go check out your blog!

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  8. I don’t think there’s any point in commenting if your haven’t read the blog post. Some posts take the blogger a lot of time and effort for someone to then just comment something like ‘great!’ Everyone has to have a rant every now and then! xxx

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  9. Brooke,

    How very true, there are many inconsiderate bloggers. Why can we not all come together and thoroughly read and support others. The initial point the majority of us blog for is to engage with our fans and write truly inspirating pieces. We want our viewers to take the time and read what we have to say. Not be so inconsiderate as to leave a comment with solely advertising a domain link. If we want to follow that person we will. We do not need the link to do so. We can click and view on anyone’s blog we wish to. It’s the time we spend truly listening and caring for one another that matters most. That frusrates me, although I just stumbled upon your blog, so far I feel a connection with your soulful words. Your a truly talented person, don’t ever let anyone make you feel otherwise.

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