October 2017 Goals


  • Drink more water! I’ve been trying my best to keep my skin as clear as possible, but I just need to remember to start chugging more!
  • Maintain the amount of work I’m doing. I’m currently working 4/5 hours every other day (sometimes a few extra days off in between), but it’d like to not have to lower the amount of hours!
  • Tone my legs up. I mean, they’re not horrendous, but I’d like a little bit more definition in them!


  • Get on top with tidying my room. I’ve been pretty good at keeping it clean since I re-decorated, but I’d still like to get in the habit of putting things away straight away!
  • Save some money. I was pretty good at saving money until Lil’ Mo (my car) decided to fail it’s MOT…
  • Start having a play around with contour more. Even though I bronze daily, I still feel like I haven’t nailed contouring yet…
  • Following on from saving money, I need to stop buying so much random junk and stop trying to convince myself it’s an essential. Even though the back scratcher for my dog was 100% an essential.


  • Start doing some more collabs. If you’re interested, hit me up on brookenclarke@yahoo.com
  • Do a halloween series! I’m thinking 13 days of halloween?!
  • Have a re-vamp. I’m starting to get a little bored of how my blog is looking!

Fingers crossed for this month!

What are your goals for September?


11 thoughts on “October 2017 Goals

  1. Sounds like we’ve got similar things to work on. Water is a big one for me. I’ve even tried those flavor packets to make it more appealing, but I still never drink much of it. I think it’s because I drink soda all the time so any time I drink something that isn’t carbonated, it always seems weird.

    I really need to work on not buying things I don’t really need also so I can save money. But then I see something and just can’t resist. Aarrgh. lol

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    1. Have you tried sparkling water with squashes or them flavoured powders? I can’t stand sparkling water on its own, but i love them with things added to it!

      And I’m exactly the same as you haha! What I’m doing now is finding things on Amazon, then adding it to my wish list, and then waiting until I want to treat myself and get something from it! Good luck on your goals!


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