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I’m writing this at 6am in the morning with no sleep due to high pain. If this doesn’t make any sense, you know why.

I’ve decided to create a little series! I’m forever buying wayyy too many things from Amazon and I love finding a good bargain, so I thought it would be a nice series to share with you all!

Cute Black Liquid Eyeliner Pen & Pencil – £1.67


My most recent, but most cutest Amazon beauty buy. I received the little purple haired one, which is home to a black liquid eyeliner, and a black pencil eyeliner in the lid!

Set of 20 Makeup Brushes – £2.29613VNpKpceL._SL1001_

I purchased these mainly for the eye brushes, and had planned to throw away the foundation brush, and the shitty sponge eyeshadow applicators. In all honesty, I had pictured myself only keeping one or two of these brushes, and just throwing the rest out, but because they were so cheap, it didn’t bother me too much.

When they arrived (it did take a while), I was quite shocked at the quality of them! They’re no Morphe brushes, but they are bloody soft for the price. I did throw away the sponge applicators still, but I decided to keep the foundation brush for face masks or if I ever apply body glitter.

ROPALIA Liquid Highlighter in Pearl – £3.98


Another newbie in my collection!

We’ve all seen the Colour FX and Iconic London drops by now, and I wanted to find a good dupe for them.

Whilst it isn’t anywhere near as blinding as the other two brands, it is really pretty and I can’t wait to play around with this some more!

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay – £10.16


After seeing so many good reviews this got, and seeing how cheap it was, I decided to pick this up and I haven’t regretted it one bit!


Set of 12 Eye Liners/Lip Liners – £3.79


I love, love, love an eyeliner that’s different from the usual black, so I decided to pick these up. Whilst they’re not the best pigmented eyeliner I’ve tried, they’re still pretty good and creamy! I’ve split mine up and put the red and pink shades in my lip drawer, but since they’re a multi-use product, I know if I ever fancy a red wing, I know where to go.

MLMSY Eyelash Perming Kit – £8.99


I’m going to be doing a full post and demonstration of this product soon, but I honestly haven’t regretted getting this one bit, and it’s saved me so much money since I don’t have to fork out and get them professionally done.

And there we have my best beauty Amazon buys!

Like all my posts, if you see a product which you would like a full review on, let me know!

What’s your best Amazon beauty buy?

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18 thoughts on “Best Amazon Buys | BEAUTY

  1. Brooke you are a massive nightmare to my wallet hahahaha!! This is such a cool idea and one i’ll be keeping an eye on 🙂 I also ADORE how you kept the brush for future applications of body glitter! #goals xx

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