The Autumn Skincare Rituals You Need To Start ASAP!

The Autumn Skincare Rituals You Need To Start ASAP!

Since it’s now finally Autumn, I wanted to share some Autumnal themed blog posts with you all! Now, we all should know how we need to switch up our skin care routine for summer and winter. But did you take into consideration what that Autumn air is doing to our skin? Autumn is that nice transition period where we can get our skin ready for the harsh winter air, so if you don’t think this post applies to you, it definitely does… Here’s a list of the Autumn skincare rituals you all need to start doing ASAP!

The Autumn Skincare Rituals You Need To Start ASAP!

Smooth & Soothe Your Skin


Since the air is becoming drier we need to step up our moisturiser game. Instead of using a light lotion, get yourself a thicker cream moisturiser which will help to keep your skin soft and protected from the harsh airs.

For oily skin tones like mine, switch up to a gel moisturiser and consider adding a facial oil. I know what you’re all thinking… Adding oil to an already oily face?! You must be mad! But making sure that your face is hydrated will actually reduce the amount of oils that your skin produces as it’s not trying to hydrate your skin itself.

Hands Up!


I’ll put my hands up (ha) and say that I am useless at looking after my glove fillers.

Invest in a nice, thick hand cream which will help prevent horrible cracked hands. If they’re already looking a bit worse for wear, the handcream will help to soothe them.

To really give a helping hand (okay, I’ll stop now since I made myself audibly laugh at that one…), get yourself a hand mask or treatment! You can pick these up from pretty much any drugstore. Or, if you’re like me and trying to save that dollar, apply a really thick layer of hand cream before you go to bed, and pop on a pair of gloves and by the morning, they should feel soft as a babies bum!

Put Down The Pumpkin Spiced Lattes

I feel like I’m the complete odd one out here since I have never even smelt, let alone tried a pumpkin spiced latte from Starbucks. You may even be drinking one as you’re reading this post, but do you know how much sugar is in that?

In a Grande 16oz pumpkin spice latte with whole milk fat and with whip, you’re sipping down 50g of sugar. Now, even though it’s not as shocking as other drinks may be, but you’re consuming over half of your daily recommended amount of sugars, which is 90g (For a female).

Now, sugars are packed in EVERYTHING, and they can be difficult to cut down on because of them being in things like smoothies to tomato ketchup, and because they’re so damn delicious, but why do we need to cut down on them?! What’s the big deal?

Consuming high amounts of sugar regularly can have a huge impact on your skin. From wrinkles to acne, you definitely want to try to avoid having as many sugary treats as you can.

Pucker Up, Handsome!


Now if you’re got someone to take cute lets-snuggle-and-watch-films-and-drink-coco and lets-have-a-cheeky-snog-but-snapchat-it photos with, lucky you! But you need to keep them puckers soft and chapped free!

There are millions of lip balms you can find on the shelves, but these are my personal favourites that I find ACTUALLY work and not just make them shiny…

We Get It… You Vape…

No, I’m not suggesting that you all go out and buy e-cigs, but a humidifier instead!

I’ve used a humidifier for years since I suffer with Asthma, but since it adds moisture to the air, that means that your skin is going to stay more hydrated!

Something that not only improves my health, but improves my skin? Yes bloody please.

What are your Autumn skincare rituals?

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