REVIEW: Max Factor Healthy Skin Harmony Foundation

I went on a little shopping trip recently, and picked up a few foundations, with Max Factors Healthy Skin Harmony Foundation being one of them.

I had seen endless amount of TV adverts on this, so I decided to give it a go. Usually, I’d try to read a few reviews on a product before I buy it, but I decide to ignore my instincts of looking it up, and went ahead and picked it up.

‘Max Factor Healthy Skin Harmony Miracle Foundation is a hybrid make up with a smart formula and intelligent ingredients specially designed to adapt to internal and external skin stresses over the day: 24-hour hydration, SPF20 protection and shine control to help protect skin from dryness, shine and sun exposure. The foundation restores tired, stressed-out skin and improves skin condition.’

What really drew me into this foundation is that it claims it’s ‘Better for your skin than wearing no makeup at all’. Since I’ve started wearing foundation again, I’ve started to break out more, so this sounded like the most amazing foundation I’ve come across.

Another thing that drew me in is that it has SPF 20 in. Even though in England we don’t get much sun, SPF is really important to wear daily. I’m forever forgetting to wear SPF, even when we get them rare sunny days. A foundation which is better for my skin than no makeup, AND has SPF 20 in? Yes please.


You can purchase the Max Factor Healthy Skin Harmony from for £7.99.


The bottle contains 30ml of product.



The foundation is packaged in a heavy glass rectangular bottle. Inside the lid is a black pump to pump out the foundation.

In all honesty, I’ll always be more into heavy weighted products since they feel more expensive. The glass bottle is also a big win for me.


When I first applied this, I noticed how it was slightly too dark for my skin (I’m honestly useless at finding a foundation since I’m usually super pale, but then other times I fake tan), but once I powdered it down, the colour was fine.

First thoughts on this were oh. my. god. It made my skin looks flawless! It filled in my pores, and didn’t make my blemishes stand out. My skin honestly look airbrushed!

The coverage was medium, and it was perfect for me. It didn’t make my skin look like I had any makeup on! It just looked like I had the perfect skin. Win!

After a few hours of wearing this, I was still super impressed with it.

It wasn’t until I started to get dressed for work (around 3 hours later), that I took off my top and noticed how much this oxidised. I honestly looked like a Wotsit. Since I always blend my foundation down onto my neck and chest, I didn’t particularly notice how much it oxidised, but am I glad I noticed it before I left the house.

Just so I could show you how badly it oxidises, I applied the foundation to the right hand side of the back of my hand, and left it for an hour. I then took the foundation again, and popped some on the left hand side. It literally looks as if I’ve applied two different foundations!


With 10 minutes left before I had to go to work, I removed all of the foundation and started again with another foundation.

In all honesty, I’m gutted. This foundation seemed as if it was made from the gods at first, but after a few hours, I’m pretty sure satan made it.

Since I’m pale anyway, I don’t think they do a shade that’s pale enough, so that when it oxidises, it looks as if it is my natural skin colour.


  • Packaging is beautiful
  • Medium coverage
  • Looks amazing when first applied
  • Doesn’t look like any product is on my skin when it’s applied
  • Drugstore (cheap)


  • oxidises to hellll.

As much as I loved this at first, I doubt I’ll be reaching for it any time soon…


Have you tried this out? What did you think?

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