Pop Art Makeup Tutorial

Forever only editing one photo for the featured image since I get to 9pm and realise I don’t have a post to post…

She’s only finally gone and posted a Halloween tutorial!

I’ll be honest and say that this took a lot longer than I first thought. I have super bad hand tremors, so the amount of makeup remover I had to use pretty much took off all of my base makeup. Hey ho.

Products Used:

  • No7 Stay Perfect Liquid Eyeliner – Black
  • Maybelline Master Precise Curvy – Black
  • Wilko Halloween Black Face Paint
  • No7 Red Chubby Stick
  • Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick – Checkmate
  • GWA Eyelashes – Mythical
  • Glitterlution Biodegradable Glitter – Red
  • BadAssBeautyUK Gems



I’d just like to say that if I ever did this again, I would definitely do some of the steps in a different order… Hence why I ended up removing all of my base makeup…

Firstly, I went in with the No7 Stay Perfect Liquid Eyeliner and created a bold, black brow. After the brows were filled in, I went in and created the other lines on my face such as the chin, cheek bones, and nose.

I then took the No7 Stay Perfect Liquid Eyeliner again, and created a line around the outside of my face. After I created the basic shape that I was happy with, I took the Wilko Halloween Black Face Paint (only £1 and was better than I was expecting!) and filled in the area. I also took a bit of the face paint and popped it on top of my brows to make them darker.

For my eyes, I took the Maybelline Master Precise Curvy Eyeliner and created a wing. After my wing was complete, I drew a line along my crease, and connected everything up together. Under my eye, I drew a thin line to create the illusion of bigger eyes.

In a lot of ‘Pop Art Makeup Tutorials’, they’ll often draw on the lashes, but due to my shakiness, I decided to go in and apply a big ol pair of lashes from Girls With Attitude in the style Mythical. Since the lashes were slightly too big for my eyes, I cut off a small section from the inner corner, and stuck down the ‘off cuts’ onto the line that I drew under my eye.

I was thinking of going ham with the red dots, but I quite liked the look of the red dots being focused around the sides of my face. I took my No7 Chubby Stick (the name has rubbed off, so I’m not 100% sure of the name!) and created a few red circles.

I recently got sent a HUGE bundle of glitters and gems from BadAssBeautyUK/Evol Cosmetics and Glitterlution Biodegradable Glitter so I knew I wanted to introduce both of their goodies into this look.

For the tears, I used BadAssBeautyUK/Evol Cosmetics Glitz Loose Festival Face Gems, and stuck three of them down with eyelash glue. A lot of female Pop Art involves tears, but I added my tears because of the recent events and departure in The Great British Bake Off. Not cool Channel 4. Not cool.

For the lips, I used Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Checkmate since it’s the most perfect bright red, which is featured in a lot of Pop Art. I lined the outside with No7 Stay Perfect Liquid Eyeliner, and then for the final touch, I dabbed on some of the Glitterlution Biodegradable Glitter in Red #12.

I swear I always do this, but looking back at the photos, I can notice a few things that I should have done/should change, but overall, I’m still pretty happy how it all turned out!

Since I have a lotttttt of glitters to play around now, expect to see a lot in my upcoming posts! I cannot wait to show them all off!

What ‘look’ do you think I should do next?!


*Some of the products mentioned were sent to me for review purposes.