October 2017 Monthly Favourites

Anddd she’s back. I put up a post a couple of days ago explaining my why I’ve been absent. I’m going to put up another ‘Babbling Brooke’ post soon explaining my new plan with my blog, and how I’m going to be changing my schedule etc. Thank you to everyone who understood!

LUSH Dream Cream


I’ve spoken about this lotion before (CLICK HERE FOR FULL REVIEW), but now that it’s getting colder, I find myself reaching for it more and more. I get quite bad psoriasis, and this is the only thing I’ve ever found that not only helps the itchiness, but also reduces how red and angry it is. If I could bath in this, I 100% would.

Essence Stay All Day 16hr Wear Foundation


Quite a new product to my collection, but I’m in love. It makes my skin look so beautiful and even though it’s full coverage, it makes my skin look very natural and almost looks as if I have super amazing natural skin. It’s only a couple of pounds aswell! However, I will say that their shade range is really shitty.

NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray


I brought this when I went to Reading earlier this year. It was the first setting spray that I have ever tried, but now I’m not too sure how I was ever without it. I’ve got a couple of sprays left of it until it runs out, and I’m going to be really gutted!

PS… Hydrating Mist


If you saw myΒ Primark Beauty HaulΒ post, then you would have seen that I picked this up. I don’t use this as a facial spray, but more to spray on my Beauty Blender before I do my makeup. Yes, I really am that lazy to walk 15 steps away into my bathroom, to wet my Beauty Blender, to then walk back.

SkinKissed Vitamin C Serum


I got sent this recently and as soon as I started reading about it, I couldn’t wait to try it out (CLICK HERE FOR FULL REVIEW). As much as I wanted it to help with my acne, I still haven’t noticed any improvement on that side of things. However, it’s really helped to hydrate my skin and is honestly one of the best primers I have ever used.

Dr. Botanicals Coffee Superfood Renewing Facial Exfoliator


This is another thing I recently got sent (will be writing a full review soon) and it couldn’t have come at a better time since I had just ran out of my usual exfoliator. The grit in it is harsh enough to make your skin feel super soft, but doesn’t ever irritate my skin. Thank you Dr. Botanicals!

What’s yourΒ favourites from October?



26 thoughts on “October 2017 Monthly Favourites

  1. Loved this post β€” I love the Lush Products.
    I also just published my first post about my monthly favourites and would love if someone checked it out πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—πŸ™πŸΌHave a lovely day! πŸ’˜

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