October 2017 Goals Update

It’s that dreaded time of the month where we see what goals I’ve actually managed to stick too… Here goes nothing…


  • I’ve definitely been drinking more water, but not as much as I want to be. Half a point to me! 0.5 Point
  • Maintaing the amount of hours I do a work… I did have to cancel my shift on Sunday (thank you infected tooth), but apart from that, I think everythings been going okay?! Half a point? 0.5 Point
  • My legs have slowly been getting more toned thank god! 1 Point

Completed: 2/3


  • My room is still a shit tip, I’m not going to lie. If only I was a tidy person!! 0 Points
  • I have been quite good at saving money, but I also have been buying non-essential things… It’s a tough habit to crack. 0.5 Point
  • I’m slowly getting the hang of contouring! Finally! 1 Point
  • As much as I’ve been buying non-essentials, I know I will use them all up? Hmm… 0.5 Point

Completed: 2/4


  • Even though I don’t think I’ve posted any, I’ve got a few more collabs on the way! 1 Point
  • Lol. 13 days of halloween was NEVER going to happen. 0 Points
  • Even though I haven’t gone through with my re-vamp plans, it turns out I can’t get the theme I want while I’m not self-hosted. Half a point for the attempt… 0.5 Points

Completed: 1.5/3

Completed: 5.5/10

One day I’m going to shock you all and actually complete all of them…

Did you complete any of your monthly goals?


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