HAUL: Primark Beauty

She’s only gone and spent a small fortune at Primark again…

PS… Pure Glow & Mermaid Glow Highlighters – £3.00 Each


Erm… WHAT?! £3 for these beautifully pigmented highlighters? YES PLEASE. There was also another shade in the store, and I’m super angry I didn’t pick it up. It gives me an excuse to go back though!

PS… My Perfect Colour Matte Foundation – £3.00 & My Perfect Colour Semi-Matte Foundation – £2.50


I have yet to try out the semi-matte foundation, but oh my god the matte finish foundation is beautiful. The shade matches my skin perfectly, and makes me look so healthy. I actually prefer this to some of my more expensive ones!

PS… Eye Makeup Remover – £1.50 & Oil Balancing Facial Cleaning Wipes – £1


I’ve been really into using eye makeup remover at the moment, so thought I’d try this. Big thumbs up from me! Also, everyone needs face wipes in their life, and these are perfect for my skin type.

PS… Insta Girl #Selfie Ready Blur Primer – £5.00


I’m really into trying different primers out at the moment. Honestly, I didn’t pay that much attention to its staying power, but it feels so beautiful on the skin.

PS… Insta Girl Banana Powder – £4.00


This is my first ever banana powder, and I call myself a beauty blogger?!

PS… Just Peachy Eyeshadow Palette – £4.00


Bargain. Beautiful colours, really easy to blend, pigmented AND it smells amazing. Yes, yes and yes please.

PS… Pure Glow Highlighting Palette – £5.00


I’ve seen this palette everywhere but never managed to pick it up until now. Who needs ABH when you’ve got Primark?!

PS… Lip & Eyeliners – £0.50-£1.50


Their lip liners are some of the best I’ve ever used, and are a complete steal – I managed to pick some up for £0.50p!

GWA False Eyelashes – £3.00 & SOUO Deluxe Eyelashes – £5.00


I don’t really need to say much about these since you can just see how beautiful they are. Can’t wait to try them out!

What’s your favourite Primark buy?


60 thoughts on “HAUL: Primark Beauty

  1. Primark beauty is amazing right now! I have three of those highlighters and the palette. So good! I’ve never tried the foundation though do I need to go pick it up? I work round the corner from a Primark so I’m there all the time 😂 x

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    1. They’re really upping their game up! I love it! And yes, definitely pick up the foundation! I went ‘live’ on facebook last night, and someone said that they work for Bobbi Brown, but have swaped their foundation to the Primark one! I think I’d be so broke if I worked near Primark 😂 x


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