No Waste Face Scrubbies + DISCOUNT CODE!

I feel as if I’ve gone all ‘environmentally friendly’ all of a sudden. From Biodegradable Glitter to now these, I can’t seem to stop trying to find environmentally friendly alternatives!

No Waste Face Scrubbies are a handmade product by the lovely Brittany.



What Are ‘Face Scrubbies’?

Face Scrubbies are an alterative product to cotton pads and face wipes, which can be used to remove makeup, apply products and simple used to wash your face.

When using typical cotton pads and face wipes, you tend to produce a LOT of wastage. For example, every night I end up using 7-10 cotton pads to remove my makeup (cake face, I know), which not only is costing me quite a bit in replacing them, but also is super harmful to the environment. Not good.

How To Use Face Scrubbies

TO WASH YOUR FACE: Simply wet your face with warm water, and apply your usual face wash/cleaner directly onto the FS. Not only will it thoughly foam up, but it’s giving your skin the extra clean and polish it needs.

TO REMOVE YOUR MAKEUP: Depending on what sort of product you use to remove your makeup, you can either rub the cleanser all over your face, and then use the FS to polish and remove all your makeup, OR you can apply micellar water directly to the FS and rub all over your face and eyes to disolve your makeup.

TO CLEAN MAKEUP BRUSHES: Even though this isn’t listed on the page, I’ve found they’ve been really handy to help with spot cleaning brushes. Just spritz on your brush cleaner on the brush, and swirl around on the FS.

How To Clean The Face Scrubbies

Brittany suggests:

‘To machine wash them, use cold water and tumble dry on low heat. I would recommend leaving them out to dry, to help keep them nice and soft. I would recommend washing them once a week if used on a daily basis, or more frequently depending on the use.’


As soon as these turned up, I was DYING to try them out, but like the good blogger I am, I waited until I could take a photo of them in bright light and all in their nice, new state.

I will admit, the first time I tried these out didn’t really go to plan. I wanted to use these with my Pixi Glow Tonic, so after I taken my makeup off (my face was CAKED that day so decided it was a bit unfair to give these a go), I took my FS and squirted on the Glow Tonic all over it. And my makeup storage. And my floor…

It did take me a while before I remebered that they weren’t going to be as ‘absorbent’ as ordinary cotton pads, but once I got the hang on them, all was good.

I then tried them out to wash my face, and this is when I really fell hard for these. I popped some of my face wash directly onto the FS, and buffed it around my face. Not only did the product really foam up, but my face felt ridiculously clean! It just makes me wonder how much dirt and grime I was leaving behind on my face before using these…

My face always feels ‘polished’ when I’ve used them. Just think of the feeling after you’ve exfoliated, and that’s exactly how your skin will feel after using these.

That being said, it sounds like these are going to be very harsh, which they are completely the opposite of. They’re ridiculously soft (think of a warm blanket) and honestly are going to last me for years and years to come.

Honestly, it’s such a simple idea, but it’s bloody fabulous. I’d hate to think how many cotton pads I’ve gone through, and how these little beauties could have saved all that waste.

So bascially, Face Scrubbies is my new best friend.

You can purchase the Face Scrubbies from the CozyComfortLiving HERE, and the hardest part about it will be trying to decide between the 7 colours!

I’ve also managed to get you all a discount code to use for 24 hours ONLY! Make sure you’re quick to snatch up the disount!



A massive thank you to Brittany for sending these over to me, and introducing me to a cotton padless world!

What do you think about these Face Scrubbies?


*The Face Scrubbies shown in this post were kindly sent to me, but all thoughts are my own. No links or codes are affiliated.





    • 15th November 2017 / 6:36 pm

      They’re fab! I asked Brittany to surprise me with the colour, and I definitely wasnt disappointed! x

  1. 15th November 2017 / 10:02 pm

    This is really interesting! I’ve never thought about it because I always use cotton pads to remove my make up. So smart!

    • 16th November 2017 / 9:59 am

      Same here! I didn’t even know things like this existed! Definitely worth trying out!

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