Big Pimples: How to Clear Them Overnight – Guest Post

Pimples are a nuisance. Whether they are blackheads, white heads, big, small, red or deep under the skin, pimples are not only uncomfortable but can also damage one’s self esteem. Millions of people worldwide suffer from acne. It can be caused by hygiene or hormones and it appears when the pores get all clogged up with sebum.

Pimples tend to appear when we less want or expect them. They can really put a strain on our confidence and make us want to stay indoors. If you have to deal with pimples on a regular basis, we’ve compiled this useful guide to show you a few methods how you can clear them overnight. Of course, the best way to approach acne is prevention. This is why our guide will include some preventative tips to show you how to keep the zits at bay and have glowing skin at all times.

1. Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide is a cream medication that is used topically for mild or moderate acne. Its main purpose is to kill the bacteria that cause pimples to appear. Benzoyl peroxide also decreases oil production and has antibiotic properties. The product can cause some side effects but these are usually mild and include itchiness, flakiness and redness.

2. Salicylic Acid

Products containing salicylic acid target acne and improve skin texture. The active ingredient unclogs the pores and, just like benzoyl peroxide, kills the bacteria that is responsible for creating pimples. Salicylic acid should be the first thing you reach out for when you feel a pimple coming in. It will dry out the pimple in a day or two, making it less visible instantly and it will help your skin rejuvenate faster.

3. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is extremely potent and has a strong smell. It boasts antibacterial properties and will flatten out pimples overnight when used topically. Because the oil is so potent, dermatologists don’t recommend using it on the skin undiluted as it can cause irritation, redness and extreme dryness. However, if you want to get rid of a big pimple overnight, you can apply a tiny amount of tea tree oil on the zit using a q-tip. You can also add a few drops of tea tree oil in your cleanser or toner. This way, you will be using the potent ingredient on a daily basis and you will keep pimples at bay.

4. Aspirin

Aspirin will get rid of the bacteria on the surface of your skin, which makes it an excellent overnight treatment for big pimples. For this DIY, you need to crush one aspirin table in a small bowl and then add a few drops of water, just enough to create a paste. You can use the mixture as is or add in honey for moisturizing your skin or aloe vera for reducing the inflammation. Use a q-tip to apply the concoction onto your pimple and let it sit for 20 minutes. Thoroughly cleanse your skin afterward and follow up with a moisturizer.

5. Eye Drops

If you have a red, inflamed, big pimples, you can reduce the redness by using eye drops. Any brand of eye drops will work as long as it targets eye redness. For this method, use a q-tip to apply the eye drops onto the inflamed area. The pimple has to soak up the product in order for this to work. So repeat the process a few times until you can notice the redness going away.

Prevention Methods

A good skincare routine for acne prone skin will help you forget about painful and embarrassing pimples. Incorporate a gentle cleanser, a hydrating toner, a Niacinamide and Zinc serum, and a hydrating natural oil such as Squalene in your routine and you will see the results in a few weeks. But all complexions are different, so if you want to learn more about aesthetics treatments, consider enrolling in a specialized course. Also keep in mind these valuable pointers:

·      Go Easy with the Make Up

If you have acne prone skin you have to be very careful with how much make up you use, what tools you apply it with and how you remove it in the evening. Only wear foundation and concealer if you need to. Let your skin breath as much as possible in order to promote healing. Clean your brushes and sponges at least once a week. Finally, never go to bed with your make up on. Always cleanse your face thoroughly and follow up with a toner and an appropriate acne treatment.

·      Mind Your Diet and Don’t Drink Alcohol

We really are what we eat. So, if you eat greasy junk food on a daily basis, washing it all down with sugary sodas, you are bound to get annoying pimples on your forehead. Stay away from sugar and maintain a healthy balance. Indulge yourself every now and then but try to keep it 80% healthy and 20% cheating. In the same vein, try not to drink too much alcohol. Not only will this dehydrate your body, it can also cause pimples that take ages to heal.

·      Stay Away from Harsh DIYs

There are a plethora of DIY articles on the internet that show you how to get rid of acne overnight using things you have in your pantry. Baking soda, vinegar, lemon and toothpaste are all extremely harsh for your sensitive skin and will cause more damage than good. All dermatologists would advise against them. Before you put anything on your pimple, make sure you are well-informed, otherwise you risk facing harsh consequences.

·      Exercise Regularly

Working up a sweat is not only good for your body and morale, but it also helps you maintain a clear complexion. Exercising regularly has been proven to decrease the cravings for bad foods such as sweets, fries, chips and sodas. Regular exercising increases blood flow which can promote skin cell rejuvenation. This also carries nutrients and oxygen to the cells while carrying away harmful toxins and free radicals.

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