The BEST Advent Calendars That AREN’T Chocolate!

Firstly, happy blogmas! If you’re unaware of what blogmas is, and why your reader is full of them, blogmas is a ‘challenge’, where you post a Christmas related post every day until christmas. I know some people are still participating in blogmas, but are only doing 12 days. Whatever you’re doing this year, I can’t wait to read all of your posts! If you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you won’t have realised that chocolate advent calendars are now a thing of the past. Whatever your after in an advent calendar, there is definitely one for you.

For The Boozy

The Ginvent Calendar – £124.99


Now, I know this is a little on the pricey side, but if you’re big into your gin, the price is nothing. The Ginvent Calendar has 24 different bottles of gins behind each door, meaning that you can drink your way to Christmas. Cheers!


Craft Beer Advent Calendar – £64.99

81JGGNUQLtL._SL1500_Not into your spirits? That’s okay! You can still get into the Christmas spirit without drinking spirits. Try this craft beer advent calendar for size.

For The Foodie

Cheese Advent Calendar – £8.00


I bloody love cheese. Have it on toast, have it on crackers, have it in its very own cake, or have it on it’s own. I just love cheese, okay?!

Pork Scratching Advent Calendar – £19.99


Do I think this is the most stupid advent calendar ever made? Yes. Do I still want it? Yes. Honestly, I’d be happy if they made a 365 day verison of this.


For The Beauty Lover

Makeup Revolution Christmas Tree Advent Calendar – £70.00


I don’t need to say a lot about this one, apart from the fact you NEED to buy it. Every box contains a full sized Makeup Revolution product and rumour has it that it’s going to seriously reduce in price nearer Christmas…

Studio London Festive As Beauty Advent Calendar – £8.00


This advent calendar is cheap as chips, but does only contain 12 little gifts. Great for the beauty newbies!

Tanya Burr 12 Sweet Days Beauty Calendar – £20.00


First off, look how adorable the packaging is! I don’t think I could bring myself to open the doors and ruin the packages, but if you do manage to get past the packaging and open the doors, you’ll find a limited edition product from Mrs Burr herself.

For The Kids

Hama Beads Advents Calender – £16.00


Hama Beads were such a big part of my childhood, and I used to spend HOURS creating little designs for my mum to later on iron… Be right back. Adding this to my baskest immediately.


LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar – £39.95


Like the Hama Beads, I’d definitely still pick this up. 6-14? Bullshite.

For The Ridiculous

Jeremy Corbyn “Jerry Christmas” Advent Calendar – £19.95


I don’t know why this was made, but boy do I wish I was in the meeting room when someone blurted out that they wanted to make this. I know that this post was meant to not include chocolate, but I couldn’t resit adding this beauty in. Behind each door is a ‘Luxury’ chocolate which definitely beats the Cadbury ones.

As you can see by the photo, are are only a limited number available, so if you want to wish someone a “Jerry Christmas”, you’re going to have to be fast!

What advent calendar will you be buying this year?

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