Pinterest Christmas Makeup Inspiration

There seems to be a very simular theme with Christmas makeup. A bold red lip with a glittery, sparkling eye. As much as I bloody love it, I wanted to show off a few different looks that I’ve come across for you all to recreate at home.



I’ve been seeing more and more of these intricate eye looks with characters and image drawn by the persons eye. As much as I would LOVE to recreate this, I don’t think I have the patience, or a steady enough hand to do this. I would 100% rock this if I could though.


I actually have been loving popping glitter into my crease at the minute, and I LOVE how shes included the little candy canes on her wing. Big thumbs up.



Yes, yes and YES. BRB. Running off to buy a while eyeliner.


Not only has this person used the same cane cane look for her eyeliner, but shes also included it on her lips. Honestly, if someone tried to explain this look to me, I would of thought that it wouldnt have looked that great, but this person KILLS it.




Definitely need to get myself a while eyeliner now. I also love how shes included the glitter lid and little crystles to the centre of the snowflakes.




Even though this person hasn’t used the traditonal christmas colours (red and green), I’m loving the purple and gold together. It’s definitely got me thinking of some eye looks I could create!


I think this is actually more ‘festival’ than ‘festive’, but I am digging the warm colours with the pop of gold glitter. STUN-ING.

What festive makeup looks will you been pulling off this year?