Funny Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under £5!

Ahh, secret Santa. Everythings all fun and games until someone gets you a really shit gift. Fingers crossed they’ll come across this post first before they buy you your 3rd pair of gloves…

PS. You’re all about to become fully aware of how childish I really am.

Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Shag Yourself Thin – £3.99


Killing two birds with one stone has never been so easy.

Top Drunk – £2.99


Honestly, I’m considering making my own ‘Top Drunk’ with photos of my friends.

Penis Pasta – £3.52


Now you don’t have to lie when you said you got ‘D’ last night.

Bacon Popping Candy – £4.99


What better way to express your feelings towards a friend than bacon popping candy. Or, for your vegetarian friend, how about Wasabi Popping Candy?

Willy Exerciser – £3.99


We’ve all got a friend who talks about their junk a little bit too much…

Duck With A Dick – £4.99

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 00.05.23.png

Possibly skip getting this for your friends who have small children around. It definitely would make an intresting bath time though.

Abashiri Green Beer – £4.99

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 00.06.25.png

Why is it that weird colour beverages/food are always much more fun than normal coloured beverages/food?

What will you be gifting your secret Santa?