BLOGMAS | Christmas Decorations Inspo

Honestly, I think my favourite thing to do at the moment is to look at other peoples decorations – exterior and interior – so I thought it would be a nice way to not only share my favourites, but to also give all of you some inspiration on how to decorate your home this Christmas. Also, I’ve popped all the images into a handy Pinterest board, so you can pin your favourites for later.


For some reason, the only exterior Christmas decorations we do is only a simple reef on the front door, but looking at these have really made me want to decorate the whole outside of my house.


Each year, my mum decides on a colour theme for the tree, and for the rest of the decorations. I’m keeping the theme hush hush for now, but I will be showing off my decorations and theme later on in the month!

I’ll be adding more and more images to the boards, so make sure you give me a follow on PinterestΒ to keep up with all my new pins!

How are you decorating the house this Christmas?


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