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If you’re not following me on Snapchat (@brooklyn_okay) or Instagram (@liverc0ke), you won’t be fully aware of how much I bloody love my dogs. I will literally take any opportunity I can to take a photo of my little fur babies. Unfortunately, I feel like pets often get forgotten about at Christmas. The excitement of seeing family, opening gifts and eating pigs in blankets unfortunately takes over, and our beloved pets get left out.

But, Not anymore.

I’ve put together a list of my favourite pet gifts I’ve found this year, and I honestly cannot wait to start building up my dogs stockings (yes, they have a christmas stocking).



1. Pet Snack Launcher – £4.99
2. Cheeky Sprout Plush Toy – £6.00
3. Wainwright’s Highlander Scallop Dog Bed – £40.00
4. Mini Christmas Puds – £3.49
5. Christmas Pudding Knitted Dog Jumper – £8.00 – £14.00
6. Pedigree Gift Tin Mixed Selection Dog Treats – £5.00



1. Christmas Festive Scrunchie Cat Collar – £2.00
2. Dreamies Mixed Selection Cat Treats Christmas Gift Tin – £5.00
3. Christmas Pets Parcel For Cats – £10.00
4. Reserved For The Cat Cushion – £11.99
5. Catnip Penguin Cat Toy – £5.00
6. Ancol Y Shaped Play Tunnel – £20.00

Small Animals (Rats, Mice, Hamsters Etc.)

hamster gift

1. Rosewood Christmas Fruit Tree For Small Animals – £2.99
2. Christmas Small Animal Advent Calendar – £2.00
3. Christmas Rattan Snowman – £3.00
4. Small Animal Pet Bed – £8.00
5. Small Animal Pouch – £4.00
6. Hamster Play Ball – £4.00

What will you be buying your pet this Christmas?


15 thoughts on “BLOGMAS | Pet Gift Guide

  1. Honestly buying for pets is always more fun than for buying for humans..My fiance and I always spend hours in pet shops, or looking online for the perfect toy for our dog, bear… we just love watching his reaction when he see’s something meant for him! Love the joy they get from gifts ❤ Great posts

    M & Bear

    Liked by 1 person

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