How To Give Back This Christmas

When you think of christmas, the first things that pop into your head are most likely family, presents and food, but, there are people out there who don’t have any family, who don’t recieve presents, and people who can’t even afford a single mince pie. Even though you should try to give back whenever you can, Christmas is the perfect time to get your act into gear, and help others less fortunate than you.

Give Blood

This is ridiculously simple, but can help in a massive way.

Unfortunately, due to my illnesses and massive fear of blood tests, I cannot donate blood, but the whole process is super easy and quick, meaning that giving blood only will take around 15 minutes of your day.

For more infomation about donating blood, click here.

Invite Around Your Eldery Neigbours

First things first, please, please, PLEASE only do this for people you personally know and trust.

I know a lot of single, eldery people who will be spending their Christmas by themselves this year. I would hate to spend Christmas with no friends or family around me, so why not ask if they fancied spending the day with you?

Volunteer At An Animal Shelter

What better way to spend your free time than spending it at an animal shelter?

Unfortunately, there are a LOT of dogs that need to be re-homed due to many different reasons, but they all need the love and care that your own pet needs!

From walking dogs and playing with kittens, to fostering an animal, you’re bound to find an opportunity to help out near you!

Click here to find out more information and find a role near you.

Volunteer At A Homeless Shelter

The majory of people find Christmas an exciting and joyfull time of the year, but for some, Christmas can be a very lonely and depressing time.

Volunteering at a homless shelter doesn’t mean that you’ll just be severing people food. There are a whole bunch of roles that need to be filled by people like you.

Click here to find out more information and find a role near you.

Ask For Money For Charity Instead Of Gifts

This is something really simple, but will actually make a BIG difference to someone else.

Instead of receiving a christmas stocking this year, ask for either items you can donate, or money/cheques for a charity of your choice.

I promise you that donating to a charity will make you smile a whole bunch more than opening 1 or 2 extra gifts.

Send A Sick Child A Christmas Card/Gift

This one is actually very close to my heart.

I had no idea that something like this existed until I became chronically ill, and someone suggested I signed up for Post Pals. Long story short, I never signed up since I felt like there were a LOT of other children who deserved gifts and card more than me, but this is still a charity that is very close to my heart.

Even a simple card to one of these children could really brighten up their day, and I cannot recommend that you all do this enough.

For more information on Post Pals and how to send something to a sick child, click here.

Donate To A Food Bank

I’m actually extremely happy to see a lot of my local supermarkets are participating in food banks.

Donating to a food bank is ridiculously easy, but unfortunately not enough people donate. Some supermarkets have either discounts or offers where you can purchase a product at a discounted price, or even recieve a free item if you buy a certain product, meaning that it’s not going to break the bank by donating. Another good way of donating to a food bank on a budget is to look out for BOGOF deals, and donate the second free item that you receive.

Some food bank charities will only accept certain items, so please double check before donating!

Click here for more information about how to donate to a food bank.

What will you be doing this year to give back?