BLOGMAS| Favourite Boxing Day Board Games

Oh board games. You’d never think that something as simple as a board game can literally destroy a family.


Yes. It’s the game that destroys families, and basically ruins Christmas, but yet, I still can’t stop playing it. It’s basically the board game that will change the way you see your family, and give you mega trust issues against the person who has a secret stash of money in their lap.

Cards Against Humanity

I spent half an hour trying to find this, and still I have no idea where I’ve put it…

Every year we seem to play this – including with my nan. Nothing will ever make me laugh more than when she asked what a ‘boner’ was.


I’m pretty sure this game is for kids, but it is actually pretty difficult. We’ve also made our own ‘celebrity’ verison, and nothings worse than thinking you’re Britney Spears, when you’re really Kim Jong-un.


Again, another one which I think is made for kids, but I’ve spent hours playing this. The stress this game causes me when you’re only one away from winning, and you hear the other players coin fall.



I think I got this second hand off of eBay for a couple of quid (you can find some bargain board games on eBay, but just make sure they’ve got all the piece) and it’s one of my favourites to play. I feel like this is one of the most easy going board games to play, and doesn’t make you want to down a glass of wine afterwards.

What’s your favourite board game to play?