Would You Rather? – Christmas Edition!

I love ‘would you rather’ questions and answers, so I was ridiculously embarrassingly happy to see that the blog Minds In Bloom had created a Christmas verison of it. I have slightly changed the questions (from school to work etc) so that they would apply to me, but as soon as I saw this, I couldn’t wait to get stuck in and answer them all.

  1. Would you rather have to loudly sing the chorus of “Jingle Bells” everytime you walk into a room for a week, OR have to wear a Santa suit to work every day for a week?
    Definitely wear the Santa suit. I’d do that anyway!
  2. Would you rather make presents for your family instead of buying them OR make ornaments for your Christmas tree instead of buying them?
    I think I’d have to go with making my family presents. I’ve done it before and actually really enjoyed making them, and I feel like it’s a bit more special if someone has taken the time to make you something. Then again, I think the Christmas tree with handmade ornaments would look really nice… 
  3. Would you rather not celebrate Christmas this year OR not celebrate your birthday this year?
    Not celebrate my birthday. In my family, we very, very, very rarely celebrate birthdays since someone is usally always unwell and not able to celebrate. – the joys of having a chronically ill family.
  4. Would you rather have Frosty the Snowman for a friend OR Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer for a friend?
    Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer. Rudolf could take me places all over the world, so I’m definitely down for becoming pals with Rudolf.
  5. Would you rather have mistletoe hanging in your bedroom doorway OR have a large, decorated Christmas tree in your bedroom doorway?
    As much as I would love to have a giant christmas tree in my room, I definitely don’t have the space to put one, so I’m going to have to go with mistletoe. I’m not kissing anyone though!
  6. Would you rather have Christmas tree tinsel for hair OR have fingernails that light up like Christmas lights?
    Finger nails that light up like Christmas lights, obviously! I could always tie some tinsel to my hair though!
  7. Would you rather be at home on Christmas and get lots of presents OR go to Disneyland for Christmas but not get any presents?
    Be at home. I’ve never spent a Christmas away from home, so I think it would be really strange.
  8. Would you rather eat your cereal with eggnog instead of milk OR eat a candy cane sandwich?
    I’ve never tried eggnong, but I think I’d just throw it straight back up. Candy cane sandwich it is.
  9. Would you rather live in a giant gingerbread house OR ride on the Polar Express?
    Polar Express! I hate being sticky so I feel like the gingerbread house may not be my best choice of residence. Also, think of how many bugs and animals would be eating away at your house?!
  10. Would you rather be allowed to only eat fruitcake for two days OR be allowed to only eat candy canes for two days?
    Candy canes. I can’t stand fruit cake… or infact dried fruit… or cake (I’m strange, I know). 
  11. Would you rather write a five-paragraph essay about the meaning of Christmas OR solve a page of Christmas-themed math problems?
    Five paragraph essay. I love writing (obviously), and my maths is appalling.
  12. Would you rather have a nose that glows red like Rudolf’s OR have pointy ears like an elf?
    Pointy ears. Didn’t that actually become a trend at one point?!
  13. Would you rather visit The North Pole OR visit Bethlehem?
    Well considering I didn’t even know that Bethlehem was an actual place until a few years back, I’m going to have to go with The North Pole.
  14. Would you rather recieve socks for Christmas OR recieve a dictionary for Christmas?
    SOCKS. I’ve got to that age were I actually like getting socks for Christmas. I’ve even asked for some already!
  15. Would you rather be given £100 for Christmas to buy things for yourself OR be given £1000 before Christmas to use to buy gifts for other people?
    £1000 to use for other peoples presents. I love buying people presents, and I get more excited to give them than to open my own!
  16. Would you rather get many small presents for Christmas OR get one big present for Christmas?
    Small presents.
  17. Would you rather have a job wrapping presents at the mall OR have a job taking pictures of children sitting on Santa’s lap at the mall?
    I actually have a phobia of Santas in shopping centres. Why would you let your child sit on a random old guys knee?! I don’t understand it! Also, I’m ridiculously bad at wrapping presents, so I don’t think I’d be hired for very long…
  18. Would you rather be one of Santa’s elves OR be one of Santa’s reindeer?
    Santa’s reindeer. Why would you want to stay in and work all day when you could be outside, traveling the world?!
  19. Would you rather see The Nutcracker OR dance in The Nutcracker?
    Dance in The Nutcracker! I can’t dance to save my life, but I really wish I could.
  20. Would you rather spend a day watching Christmas Videos OR spend a day Christmas shopping in the mall?
    Christmas videos! I don’t particularly like shopping that much, so I’d much rather be sat at home, under the duvet, watching videos!

Please feel free to answer these questions, and make sure you tag me in your posts so that I can read all of your answers!

I’ve also decided to add in a little bonus question for you all to answer in the comments:

Would you rather only eat brussel sprots for the whole of December, OR only drink eggnog for the whole of December?