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With summer long gone, you might catch yourself pining over the carefree days when your tan was pure perfection. Now, nothing seems to be going right; you can’t seem to get your foundation to sit quite right, your hair misses the beachy waves, and the much beloved sun-kissed glow is nowhere to be found. Instead of moping around, waiting for summer to make a comeback, it’s time to shake things up. Take advantage of all the winter beauty and embrace everything this magical season has to offer. Wake up and smell the chill, leave the bronzer on hold and love your wonderful skin, in all its paleness. Contrary to popular belief, you absolutely can achieve flawlessness even in the midst of harsh weather. Stay tuned, because your point of view is about to be changed.

All About That BaseScreen Shot 2017-12-12 at 18.56.43.png

First of all, that foundation that you’ve been clinging onto that’s three shades darker than your skin tone needs to be put down for a winter nap. It’s time to bust out the good stuff, so upgrade your foundation arsenal with something that a) matches your lovely pale skin and b) provides a bit more coverage. However, before you press the pump and put your beauty blender to use, winter calls for some extra attention in the prep and prime department. No matter how great the foundation and how mad your blending skills are, things will not go as smoothly as you want them to without some love and nourishment. This is where sheet masks step onto the stage. These babies aren’t popular for no reason.

After that, turn to your winter moisturizer (preferably something that locks in moisture but isn’t greasy), and only when you’ve completed the nourishing part can you move on to the final step which includes a primer. Again, it has been invented for a good reason; a great primer will give you a smooth skin texture, blur your pores and allow for the makeup to not just ‘sit’ and set better, but it will also make it much more lasting. There are different primers that cater to a variety of skin types, needs and even concerns such as redness or excessive oiliness, so make sure you find your Holy Grail, and that airbrushed complexion will no longer be a dream.  

Let It Glow

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 18.56.59

Don’t be sad about your poor forsaken bronzer, this is your time to try a different kind of warmth. One of the most underrated products out there that certainly deserves more credit than we give it is the mighty blush. To quote the makeup artist extraordinaire, Pat McGrath: “Blush! It’s the fastest way to create the illusion of those high cheekbones we all lust after.” Blush also does wonders at giving you that plump, healthy look even in the winter grayness, so waste no time, do your due diligence and find that perfect hue for your skin tone and give those cheeks a dose of a healthy glow. While you’re at it, a bit of creamy highlighter won’t hurt, just don’t overdo it – just the top of the cheekbones and under the brows will suffice to give you the radiance you need.

Very Berry

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 18.57.10.png

Out with the nudes, in with the berries! One of the absolute best things about winter is that it gives your lips the chance to truly pop by playing with darker shades. Not only will the perfect berry shade make your lips prominent and alluring, it also provides you with that femme fatale quality and an air of mystery. The perfect berry shade, along with the elusive perfect shade of red will not only make you look absolutely stunning, but will make your teeth look whiter and give the illusion of clear and well-rested skin. The only thing to do now is exfoliate the lips so you get a luscious pout, prep them with a nourishing lip balm and go hunting for those perfect dark shades.

Finishing Touches

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 18.57.22.png

When the focus is on your lips, the general rule of thumb is to leave the eyes at peace and not overwhelm them. Smokey eyes and dark eye shadows don’t really mix with prominent lips, and they certainly won’t help you achieve a healthy, radiant look. During the time when the spotlight is on the lips, your eyes’ best friend is the trusty mascara. Look for something that will give you definition and separation as well as zero clumps. It will be enough to make the eyes pop but still let the lips steal the show.



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