What Christmas Is Like In The Clarke Household

Merry bloody Christmas Eve everyone! I hope you’re all prepared for the big day, and haven’t left everything to the last minute like I have…

So this year is going to be slightly different to previously years. I ended up in hospital again the other day, and then came down with flu which I kindly shared with my family (you’re welcome).

The Morning

Even when my brother and I were little, we never woke up early. Honestly, we seem to wake up about 10am, and that’s how it’s been for as long as I can remember. I can’t seem to grasp why people wake up at 5am on Christmas day…

Once we’ve woken up, I’d usually go pick my nan up from her house, and come straight back home, but since she’s not coming over this year due to the Clarke’s being infected, this won’t be happening. Instead, I’ll make myself a coffee, and position myself in front of the tree to hand out the presents. Yes, I take my role as present distributor very seriously.

Once my mum and brother are down, we open all our presents, make a start on breakfast (full english fry up of course), gobble that down within 2 seconds of it being plated up, and then go into the first food coma of the day.

The Afternoon

The afternoon is pretty much dedicated to cooking the Christmas dinner, watching movies on TV and having a fiddle around with our gifts.

I like to prepare a lot of the Christmas dinner the day before, so the majority of the vegetables are already prepped and ready to cook. My brother on the other hand likes to take position in the arm chair, and ask every 5 minutes when dinners going to be ready. Saying that, he does have the highly important job of mashing the mash potato.

We then all venture into the dining room, again gobbling it down faster than lightning, and have a good ol’ chin wag. The only time we ever use the dining room is for Christmas dinner, so we seem to stay there until one of us moans about a numb bum.

The Evening

Last year I managed to eat 4 full sized dinners, so this year my plan is to try and top that, meaning that I’m going to have to roll everywhere and call the sofa my home for the rest of the evening.

We bloody love board games in my family (click HERE to see my favourite ones!), so we usually spend an hour arguing over what game to play, knowning full well that we’re going to end up playing monopoly.

Soon after starting monopoly, it usually ends after 10 minutes since my brother is usually cheating and gets caught out, so we put away the game, and turn on Christmas films.

From this point onwards, there is not a lot of movement. We all start picking at food again, and end up in another giant food coma on the sofa, and that’s where we stay for the rest of the night.

What does your Christmas look like?