CBD Oil | How It Helps In Skin Care – Guest Post

Good skin is a sign of good health. Who doesn’t want glowing skin? With the increasing environmental pollution and unhealthy habits, it can be challenging to get perfect skin. It has been known that apart from various health benefits of CBD oil, it can also provide beautiful skin and protect it from various conditions.

There are several reasons why you should use CBD oil for your skin and how it can help you.

Full of Essential Nutrients

 One of the best ways to get good skin is nutrition. But many a times we are unable to get sufficient nutrients despite of eating a healthy diet. This can make our skin look dull.

CBD oil is full of vitamins, minerals, proteins and fatty acids. It can help in making the skin look youthful and tight as all these nutrients are essential for keeping the free radicals at bay from damaging collagen and elastin.

Vitamin C and E act as antioxidants and protect the skin from sun damage. B complex helps in construction of skin and Vitamin A and D aid in skin repair. Vitamin A is especially useful in cell growth, cell differentiation and inhibiting oil production.

Anti- Aging Properties

CBD oil is a powerful anti- oxidant and is more effective than Vitamin A, C, E and omega 3 fatty acids. It helps in protecting the skin from radicals, smoke, UV rays, environmental pollutants. These can cause damaged and itchy skin.

The Neurobiology of Aging Journal, 2012 demonstrated that mice which were bred without CB- 1 receptors had more skin aging because of loss in skin elasticity. This showed the importance of endocannabinoids for healthy skin.

Anti- Acne Properties

Caused by hormonal imbalance, stress and medications, acne is one of the most stubborn problems suffered by almost everyone. Every other person has suffered from it at least once in their life.

CBD is highly effective in treating and reducing oil production in the skin. The control of oil will automatically help in reducing acne.

CBD oil will also lead to controlling the production of lipid in the skin cells. This increases sebum presence which prevents dryness. 

Fights Skin Conditions

 CBD oil is also effective in treating severe skin problems.

According to the British Journal of Pharmacology, phytocannabinoids like CBD have the ability to  control cell differentiation and proliferation.

This indicates that they can be very well used in treatments for skin allergies. CBD can also be effective against cancer.

It has been found anecdotally that CBD oil can work on moles, HPV breakouts and warts as it can kill the cells in such abnormally growing cell groups. Unfortunately, there is very less clinical research done in this area.

Although it is still not known completely but Eczema which is believed to be a type of an allergic reaction and is characterized as a rash associated with the inflammation of the skin, can be improvised after getting treated with CBD oil.

Psoriasis is also a condition about which researchers are unsure about the cause. It is thought to be associated with issues with the immune system, particularly white T cells present in the blood. Cannabinoids can be effective in treating psoriasis through its anti- inflammatory properties and ability to regulate the immune system.

Cannabinoids can also be effective in controlling skin cancers like melanoma. CBD has the ability to control cell death and growth and has the potential to supplement in cases of ongoing skin cancer treatments.

Antibacterial Properties

CBD oil can fight against the bacteria which can cause several infections. CBD can also be effective to take care of sensitive skin.

These are perhaps enough reasons why you should use CBD oil for your health and skin and take advantage of its benefits.

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