6 Basic Skin And Hair Care Routine For This Winter – Guest Post

Everything covered with snow seems appealing from outside but this cold, windy season is not a fun game for our skin and hair. Therefore, we have assembled a list of few no effort tips that can help you dealing with skin and hair issues in this winter.

Basic Skin & Hair Care For This Winter

Hydrating From Inside Out

We often feel less thirsty in winter which results in drinking less water as required by our body. Our body is 70 percent water. It is recommended to take at least 8 glasses of water. Just like we water plant for growth similarly water is essential for our body and skin. Proper intake of water helps in washing away toxins from your body and cleanses your skin from inside and let it glow and stay healthy. In addition to this try to cleanse your face twice a day and mist your face with tap water 2-3 times a day.

Use of Hypoallergenic Makeup

In different regions of world woman adopt different practices are to enhance their beauty but what remains same is application of makeup. But the falling temperature, cool and dry winds of deep winter often leaves your skin dry and flaky which makes your skin sensitive. Applying makeup packed with harsh chemicals can cause you skin breakouts. Therefore, makeup industries have come up with hypoallergenic makeup items that are designed for sensitive skin with mild ingredients. You can find a list of hypoallergenic makeup on this post.

6 Basic Skin And Hair Care Routine For This Winter - www.brookeclarke.com

Combat Weekly Treatments

In today’s busy world it is hard for one to pamper self-daily. Unlike your skin and body, your hairs cannot be pampered daily with extra ingredients. Therefore, I will recommend you pampering them once or twice a week to make them stay healthy. You can use different natural oils to massage your sculp. This will not only provide with required moisture, but will also increase the blood circulation.

6 Basic Skin And Hair Care Routine For This Winter - www.brookeclarke.com

Keep It Less & Cool

Hairs need extra care in fall season as compare to summers. A long hot shower sounds great in a cold day but it may strip off necessary moisture of your hairs. In addition to this, washing your hairs with shampoo does same. Therefore try to wash your hairs thrice in a week with mild milk or oiled based shampoo to provide moisturizing effect and try to take shower for maximum 5-10 minutes with lukewarm water. I repeat Luke warm water! Not hot!

Tip: You can set an alarm on your phone to keep the record of your shower time.

6 Basic Skin And Hair Care Routine For This Winter - www.brookeclarke.com

Go Natural

Sometimes simplicity is actually the best policy. Try to wear your own hairs and go natural in winters because excessive hair styling requires use of dryer, straighteners and Curler and hair setting spray.  The extensive heat of these styling equipments will leave your hairs dried-out. While on the other hand, the chemicals in hair setting spray can damage your hairs. You are beautiful the way you are.


In winters you are continuously experiencing weather shift. The shifting of weather affects your hair and skin. Other than this, continuous use of room heaters decreases humidity of air by 25 percent. To maintain moisture in your hair and skin you can keep a room humidifier.

Author Bio – Juliet is a beauty blogger who loves trying out new makeup and beauty products.  She loves coffee and sushi, and in her free time she likes listening to pop music. Juliet believes in having gratitude for everything in life. Read her latest posts at ThankYourBeauty.com

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