Updated 2018 Makeup Collection & Storage

So I FINALLY got my arse to IKEA and brought my second drawer tower and I couldn’t be happier.

Whilst my makeup did all fit in one tower, it’s now all spread out nicely and has made a lot of room for more purchases!

About The Units & Organisers

The actual drawer tower system that I use is from IKEA. I was umming and ahhing about getting the ones I have, or if I should get the ALEX 9 drawer instead (typical, I know…), but I went for the MALM units instead since they match my chest of drawers and bedside table.

IKEA White MALM Chest of 6 Drawers – £85

To organise the inside of the drawers, I use cutlery trays (also from IKEA) and cut them down to size. I also use some Birchbox drawers and takeaway boxes.

IKEA White STÖDJA Cutlery Tray – £1.50

On The Top

The left hand side houses all of my glitters and face gems. I’m going to be doing a whole separate post about my glitters and gems soon, so I’ll be sure to update this once it’s published!

On the right, I keep some of my larger daily skincare products (makeup remover, Pixi Glow Tonic etc.) and my makeup brushes. I decided to keep my brushes this side since it’s closer to my mirror, meaning that they’re easier to grab when I’m getting ready.

First Drawer Left:

In here, I like to keep all my tools and beauty blenders.

The first section on the right holds tape for swatches, a E.L.F Brush Cleaner (which admittedly, I don’t use!), a few other bits and bobs and spoolies.

The middle keeps all my tweezers, sharpeners and scissors.

Lastly, all my beauty blenders. I honestly only use two, but can’t bring myself to throw the others away…

First Drawer Right:

Eyelash drawer! For someone who doesn’t wear false eyelashes often (around 2-3 times a month), I do have an awful amount of them. I don’t really have any organisation method to this drawer, other than the little container at the front that stores glue and lash applicators.

Second Drawer Left:

I really need to tape down the organiser at the back since it keeps getting stuck, but here lives all of my primers and setting sprays. In the front I keep primers and samples down the side. In the back, I have setting sprays, and then spray on primers.

Second Drawer Right:

This drawer looks super messy and I really do need to reorganise everything, but in here I like to keep my daily skincare products – spot treatments, moisturisers, cotton pads, the lot!

Third Drawer Left:

The third drawer is home to my foundations, concealers, colour correctors and both loose and pressed face powders. Again, I need to go through this and try clear out all the products I don’t like.

Third Drawer Right:

Bronzers and blush next! I also like to keep my blush and bronzer palettes here too, since if I put them with my eyeshadow palettes, I doubt I’d ever use them.

Forth Drawer Left:

I swear there is some sort of organisation to this. In the bottom (left to right) I have brow products (pomades, pencils, gels, palettes, kits and also eyebrow brushes), middle is all liquid eyeliners and lastly, my mascaras.

In the back I have all my pencil eyeliners, and then I keep my eyelash curler and Vamp Stamp next to them.

Forth Drawer Right:

This drawer is my favourite for obvious reasons – my highlighters! In the four sections I have single highlighters and my two sleek palettes since they fit there nicely, loose highlighters, liquid highlighters and then bigger highlighting palettes.

Fifth Drawer Left:

Admittedly, my least favourite drawer for the pure reason that I hardly use any of the products here. This drawer keeps my eye primers, single eyeshadows (I recently depotted a load!), cream eyeshadows and loose eyeshadow pigments. I’m still umming and ahhing about if I should press my pigments, but I can’t seem to make my mind up!

Fifth Drawer Right:

All my bright and most used palettes live here! There isn’t really an order to how they’re stored, I just popped them in where they would fit!

Sixth Drawer Left:

My lip drawer! I don’t have enough yet to fill up the whole drawer, but I can’t wait until each lipstick has it’s own little home!

Sixth Drawer Right:

My second palette drawer keeps all of my neutral palettes in. I rarley use anything in this drawer, but I really do need to get my act into gear and start using these again!

Finally, we’re finished!

I’m also thinking of doing another ‘How Much Is My Makeup Collection Worth?’ post (click HERE and HERE to see my previous ones), so please let me know if you’d be interested in seeing that!


How do you organise your makeup?


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