My names Brooke Nicole Clarke (hence the name of my blog), I am 20 years old, and live in Oxfordshire, U.K. I live at home with my mum, brother, and two little doggies – Leia and Sasha (which will explain all the dog hair in my photos).

I currently work in the hospitality trade, and have done all my life. Whilst I no longer drink, it’s ridiculous how long I spend in pubs.

As much as I love playing around with makeup, and not being able to resist anything glittery, I’m actually ridiculously into watching crime documentaries, and reading up about conspiracy theories.

About My Blog

I started my blog to firstly update family and friends about my chronic health journey, and thought this would be the best place to start… Secondly, I have a massive interest in everything beauty. I spend hours upon hours searching for YouTube videos and different bloggers, and always admired their work. There’s just such an art to it.

That being said, I don’t only write about beauty and health related topics. You can expect to find DIY posts, recipes and rants, along with some general life updates, which is why I like to class myself as a lifestyle blogger.

Blog Advice

Starting your blog can be a very confusing process (I’m still learning new things everyday!), and you can often feel as if you’ve been thrown in at the deep end. Whilst I have created many blog advice posts before, my inbox is always open for any questions you may have. I’ve had multiple people in the past send me over an email, asking me all sorts of questions, from ‘How can I make my photos look better?’ to ‘How do I make blogging my full time job’. Whilst I may not be a ‘blogging expert’, I’m always an email away if you need a hand with anything!

Guest Posts

Here on my blog, you may see I have ‘Guest Posts’ being published from time to time. Every guest post has been read and checked by myself before I will allow it to go live on my blog.

If you’re interested in creating a guest post for brookeclarke.com, please feel free to email me at brookenclarke@yahoo.com.


If you’re a brand that is interested in working with myself, please feel free to email me at brookenclarke@yahoo.com, where we can discuss all the details.

Media Kit

Whilst I currently don’t have a media kit, I do have one currently in the works.

If you would like to know any stats or more information, please feel free to email me on the email address printed above, or kindly fill in the contact form below.


I will 
occasionally use affiliated links in my blog posts. Any products sent to me for review will be stated, along with sponsored posts. Please read my full disclaimer here.