Babbling Brooke #1

Good evening everyone (except you Madonna and Donald Trump)

I wanted to create a little series on my blog where I can ramble on about my life and current topics. I thought since that this series on my blog is going to be all about my life, I should pick a feature image that sums me up the most…

My old boss actually gave me the nickname ‘Babbling Brooke’ (along with about 50 others) since I was always babbling away to the customers… Oops!


It FINALLY looks like I may be able to start redecorating my room soon! I’ve written a ‘Room Tour’ post which will be out on Friday, and then I’m going to do another post showing off my new fancy room! I’ve been planning to do my room for months now, and I now have it in my head exactly how I want it. I honestly cannot wait to see what it looks like at the end!

I’ve started to read ‘All The Bright Places’ by Jennifer Niven. I’m only on page 60/378 since I read either at night or in the bath. I wish I read more in the day, but I get way too distracted by other things and I find myself having to read the same line over and over again. So far, I’m really enjoying it, but a lot of people have told me to get the tissues ready… I don’t think I’ll cope!

I’m such an emotional mess at the minute. I started to watch ‘Mums List’ the other day and cried twice in the first 10 minutes. I got halfway through when I had to give myself a break because I gave myself a headache from crying so much. If you’ve seen it, please tell me I’m not being a pussy, and you cried too?!


Since my last admission, I’ve been slowly improving day by day. I’ve even managed to start driving again some of the time!

Even though I have been improving, I am currently having another flare up, which I’m praying doesn’t last too long.

I’m hopefully going to be going back to work at the end of the month and I’m going to be going back into a completely different role to what I was before. Even though I’m excited to start getting back to normality, I’m also scared shitless since the majority of the people who worked there before have now left, and a lot of newbies have joined, so it’s going to be like I’m the new girl again!

I’ve also managed to start putting on some weight again! For someone who usually has a fast metabolism, I sure have put a lot on quickly! Having a whole pack of biscuits a day isn’t the healthiest way to put on weight, but it has worked!


I keep getting blogging wobbles where I feel like packing everything up. It’s ridiculous because I love writing posts and talking to everyone, but I just keep thinking that the end is near for I just need to man up a little! I most likely will take a little break soon, just to see how much I miss it etc.

Also, with work coming up, I won’t be able to continue posting everyday. I’m trying my hardest to keep writing and scheduling, and will continue to do that, but it may only be 3 times a week I will post.

Can anyone remember that I was trying to do a blogging schedule? Yeah, that idea went straight out the window… Before I even attempted it, I was making myself panic over it. Super sorry to those who wanted a schedule from me! I am going to keep the post up incase I do decide to do it again one day, or anyone else needs ideas on what to do for their schedule!

On a happier note, I’ve hit a massive blogging goal. My views and followers have been improving like crazy. I’m still shocked that people read my posts and actually follow me so that they can read my others. It really blows my mind! But as always, thank you all so much. You guys definitely keep me sane (ish).

And there we have it! I hope you enjoyed the first installment of my little life updates! Even though I’m not going to be sticking to the blogging schedule, I would still love to hear if there is a certain product/topic you would like me to talk about/review! I’m also still wanting to collab with you guys! Drop me an email at if you would like to collab, have any ideas for future blog posts I could do, or even just to say hello!

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