Babbling Brooke #3

Haven’t done one of these in a while have I?!

So yesterday, I was feeling like shit since I’m having an endo flare up at the moment, but I still forced myself to get ready and go to work. Well… try to go to work…

If you follow me on Instagram (@Liverc0ke), you would have seen that it wasn’t as easy going as I had hoped for…

*I swear like a sailor so please excuse that…


Basically what happened was I was driving to work (since I live in the country side, there are a lot of back roads), and accidentally hit a pot hole.

I didn’t think too much of it until when I drove 2 minutes up the road, my steering felt weird and bumpy, so I pulled over and did the quick ‘kick your tires to see if they’re flat’ check, and all seemed fine. I got back in the car, started driving again, and the same thing happened. It wasn’t until I got back out my car that I saw my wheel was at an angle where the top of the wheel was sticking inwards, and the bottom was sticking out.

I ran mum who came and rescued me, and we moved the car towards a layby so it wasn’t in the middle of the road anymore.

Rang the RAC who said they’d be out in 90 minutes, so I jumped into mums car and we went home to wait for the call to say that they were 15 minutes away.

Around 7:45, I got the call, so we went back up towards where we left my car and waited for the big ol’ yellow van to turn up.

When he arrived, he said that there wasn’t anything obvious that was wrong but I needed to take it to the garage tomorrow to see if they could find anything wrong with it.

It’s now 2pm the next day, and my poor little car has to stay there until tomorrow, so we’ll finally find out what’s wrong with it tomorrow!

Again, if you didn’t watch the video I posted… Don’t move to the countryside.

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