Face Mapping | What Your Acne Is Telling You

Oh acne. The bane of my life.

You may have realised that certain things cause acne such as makeup, not washing your face, eating certain foods etc. but the placement of your acne can also tell you whats happening on the inside.

I tend to get the majority of my spots on my nose, chin, cheeks and forehead, which doesn’t really leave me with a lot of spot free areas…


Digestive System, Poor Sleep, Liver, Poor Diet & Stress

Temples & Eyebrows

Poor Circulation, Gallbladder Problems, Eating Too Much Fatty Foods, Eating Too Much Processed Foods & Drinking Alcohol 


Poor Diet, Constipation, Indigestion, Poor Blood Circulation


Smoking, Poor Dental Hygiene, Liver, Stress, Overeating, Stomach & Dirty Mobile Phone

Around your mouth

 Constipation, Spicy Foods & Fried Foods


Hormones, Gynaecology Problems & Kidneys

Once I read about skin mapping, a lot of it made complete sense. I have a lot of problems sleeping (Forehead), poor diet (Forehead, Nose & Cheeks), Endometriosis (Chin) and also get the odd bout of constipation (no shame) due to medication (Nose).

Not only knowing the cause of your acne will make it a lot easy to treat, but it can also help to indicate that somethings not quite right. Don’t panic yourself though. It could be something as simple as not changing your pillowcases often enough, but if you feel worried, pop into the doctors to reassure you.

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