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I swear 2018 has been the year of organisation for me. I’ve spent the last few months decluttering my room and organising each drawer to the point where I’m feeling like I am the next Marie Kondo (the author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up). Since I’ve started to really knuckle down on keeping organised, I thought you may want a peak inside my beauty product collection and storage (I’m also nosey as hell and love reading these sorts of posts) and give all of you neat freaks some pornographic images.

If you see a product that you want more information on, let me know.

Collection and Storage Overview

beauty collection and storage blog post - www.brookeclarke.comI like to keep my collection and storage inside of my wardrobe since I’m attempting to create a minimalistic theme in my bedroom.

I managed to pick up the colourful 8 drawer tower from Pound Stretchers for £30 (I couldn’t find the drawers on the Pound Stretchers website, but I did find them at Argos for £36.99). The tower did also come with attachable wheels, but since I didn’t want to move the tower around, I just decided to bin the wheels.

I’ve had the four drawer tower for donkeys years, so unfortunately I’m not too sure where I brough them, but I did find these which are similar.

I’ve always liked my collection and storage to be nicely laid out and separated by either section or drawer, and these work perfectly.

Multicoloured 8 Drawer Tower
beauty collection and storage blog post -

First drawer, I keep all of my makeup removing wipes.

I tend to use these when I’m either taking off my makeup (I use wipes to get rid of the majority, and then go in with my micellar water), or when I’m bed bound so I can freshen up.

beauty collection and storage blog post -

The second drawer houses all of my micellar waters and makeup removing oils.

I’m ridiculously lazy and 9 times out of 10 I’ll use micellar waters over using makeup removers that you have to wash off.

beauty collection and storage blog post -

Third drawer is full of extra cotton pads, q-tips and razors.

I go through cotton pads and q-tips at a disgustingly fast rate so I always need to make sure I’ve got back ups! I don’t tend to stick to one brand. I usually just grab what’s on offer.

beauty collection and storage blog post -

This is the ‘bath and shower’ drawer.

In here you’ll find bath bombs, shower gels, body scrubs etc.
beauty collection and storage blog post -






Here is where I like to keep my body moisturisers, lotions and oils.

I love the feeling of freshly applied body moisturiser, but I always forget to apply it…

beauty collection and storage blog post -

Is having a deodorant drawer normal?

I’ll most likely end up splitting this drawer in two and having it as a deodorant and something else drawer, but for now it’s staying as it is.

beauty collection and storage blog post -

This is my ‘random’ drawer.

I’ve got things like Savlon, rubbing alcohol, aloe vera etc. in here. Basically, things that everyone has and needs, but has no idea where to keep it all.

beauty collection and storage blog post -

I’m going to be changing this drawer into a hair drawer soon most likely. I feel like I just never use my perfumes, and want to put them somewhere that will remind me to use them!

I’m also writing a perfume collection post soon, so I’ll link that here.

Clear 4 Drawer Tower

Somehow, until a few months back, I managed to store ALL of my products in these drawers. I honesty have no idea how I did it or even managed to find anything.

beauty collection and storage blog post -

This drawer is a bit of a weird one.

In here, I have eye creams, teeth products (toothpaste, whitening strips, floss etc.), eyelash products, brow products and hand and feet products.

beauty collection and storage blog post -

The face moisturiser drawer.

I do tend to go through my products a lot and either pop them in the giveaway pile or throw them out, so this drawer does seem a little bare.

beauty collection and storage blog post -

In here I keep face masks (bottom left), face serums and back up glow tonic (bottom right), face cleansers and exfoliators (top right) and obviously, henna (top left).

beauty collection and storage blog post -

Apart from my obvious obsession with beauty products, I went through a stage where I brought those massive boxes of wet wipes off of Amazon.

Wet wipes definitely don’t get enough credit. Dirty hands? Wet wipes. Dusty sides? Wet wipes. Spot cleaning brushes? Wet wipes.

And there we have my whole beauty product collection and storage!

Please let me know if you see anything you want a review or what not on.

What does your collection and storage look like?

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