The BEST Primark Beauty Products

It’s no secret that I LOVE Primark’s beauty range. I mean, just type the words ‘Primark Haul‘ into the search bar on my blog and you’ll see how many times I pop in for fluffy socks and end up walking out with a bag full of makeup. No shame.

3-In-1 Brow Precision Pencil, Powder & Brush


I’ll be honest and say that the brow powder did scare me at first, but it has seriously helped me up my brow game.

This 3-in-1 Brow Precision Pencil and Powder literally makes filling in your brows a dream.

High Pigment Blushes


I won’t lie and say that these are perfect because they’re simply not.

They are possibly one of the most powdery products I have ever used, but boy are they pigmented. They look really beautiful on the skin and blend out really nicely.

If you’re going to only get one of these, I definitely recommend the shade Desire.

Single Highlighters


For some reason, it took me a while to pick these up after I had walked past them several times.

Something inside my tiny brain had told me that these weren’t going to be very good, but after testing them out, I was pretty much blown away.

They have multiple shades of highlighters, so you’re definitely going to find one that suits your skin tone!

Highlighter Palettes


These highlighter palettes are honestly gorgeous. They remind me a lot of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit palettes but a hell of a lot cheaper.

What I also like about these is the fact they can also be used as an eyeshadow palette. If I use the Gold Rush palette, then I usually use the shade Treasure as an eye crease colour.



By now you’ve most likely seem the bottom foundation everywhere after being recognised as an Estée Lauder Double Wear dupe.

Whilst I haven’t tried the Estée Lauder foundation yet, I can say that the My Perfect Colour foundation is pretty good for the coin.

False Eyelashes


I didn’t have much hope for the lashes since they’re only £1 a pair, but I was honestly blown away by them.

Not only do you get the pair of lashes, but you also get a tube of glue (which seems like a rarity now).

Lip Pencils


I am a bit lazy when applying a lipstick and rarely do use a lip liner, but when I do, these are my go to.

They glide on like butter and still manage to stay on all day.



For only £2, they’re already a winner in my eyes.

The downside to these is that they don’t last too long, but since they’re so cheap, you can afford to keep spraying.

What are your favourite Primark beauty buys?

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