If you’re new to the internet, you’ve missed out on the coconut oil trend… and I was definitely someone who jumped on that bandwagon. I originally purchased a pot as I wanted a natural moisturiser to put onto my skin. After some research, I discovered that it has many, many different uses, including hydrating hair and whitening teeth. It doesn’t stop there though. Hundreds of people are now claiming that they’re curing acne with coconut oil. But does it really work?

My skin is mostly unpleasant. While I also have psoriasis, I’ve suffered from acne for most of my life. ANYTHING which claimed to cure acne, I was over it like a rash.

After some more research, I found out that the oil has a level 4 comedogenic scale rating (things that are most likely to block pores and actually CAUSE acne), which was pretty terrifying since the scale only goes from 1 to 5.

I decided to still give this ago, since I had read so many posts from people saying how their skin has never looked and felt better. I first used it while wearing a full face of make up (I no longer wear ANY makeup on my face at all unless its for a special occasion, as I often openly admit that I’d fall asleep with layers of foundation on, and we all know how this is a no go for ANY skin type). I kept the coconut oil jar on the radiator to soften, which I found easier to remove from the jar. I then splashed my face with warm water, and then wetted a face wash cloth. I smeared the oil all over ┬ámy face and the makeup literally┬ámelted off. It was possibly the best makeup remover I had EVER tried, and even got rid of the black panda eye that I used to rock, even after removing my makeup with a wipe. I polished my face with the cloth, and my skin has never felt so clean and refreshed before in my life. I finally thought I found something which would work.

After a week of using this, I then woke up to discover my face has full on broke out in painful cystic acne. I was so embarrassed to let anyone see my skin in this way. I was so upset as I thought I had found my miracle cure. So I went back to my old friend. Google.

Apparently people had said that this was the way the coconut oil works. It not only clears the top layers of your skin, it also works deep down. It starts by bringing out all the gunk deep in your skin and pulling it to the surface.

I stuck by using the oil, as it was working amazing at removing makeup and moisturising my skin, and hoped it would improve.

After using this for a few months, my skin started to look amazing again (I also think the big help for this was the fact I was drinking over 4 litres a day). But life moves on in weird ways, and due to being ill, I haven’t been wearing makeup at all, so haven’t been using the oil every night as I previously was. I’m scared for the fact that when I start wearing makeup again, my skin will flare up like it did last time.

There are many alternative products to use with a 0 rating on the comedogenic scale, which may work better for myself in the future. For now, I’m going to stick with the coconut oil, but make sure a double cleanse afterwards is definitely done.

I 100% would recommend coconut oil for removing makeup, but does coconut oil d0 anything to improve acne? I don’t think so.

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