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We all know how much I love a subscription box. Every single one I’ve ever signed up to has been makeup or skin care related, but I had never heard of a razor subscription box before. I’m useless at remembering to change my razor blade, and will happily use blunt, month old razors. I’ve been testing out the Friction Free Shaving Gift Box for a good month now, and I feel like FFS is one beauty tool I don’t want to be without.


The Subscription Service

If you haven’t guessed by now, Friction Free Shaving is a monthly subscription box service.

For £9 a month, you’ll receive a one-off package with your personalised (if you choose to have it personalised) metal razor handle and a months worth of razor blades. Then, every month after that, you’ll receive fresh new replacement blades straight to your front door. Every razor head has 6 diamond-coated steel blades, a lubricating Vitamin E strip and a skyline bikini blade built in. I never knew one razor head could have so much!

Friction Free Shaving currently have two metal razor handle options – Rose and Silvia. Both razors are identical apart from the obvious colouring.

FFS also offer an engraving service. For £6, you can engrave your razor with whatever text you’d like. Personally, I love the fact mine has my name on, but it’s definitely not an essential. However, if multiple people in your house are subscribed to Friction Free Shaving, it may come in handy to know who is who’s.

After you’ve selected your engraving choice, you then have the chance to add on any extra skin care products of theirs for £6 each – the Pre Shave Scrub, Friction Free Shave Cream and the Post Shave Balm.

Once you’ve picked your handle, chosen your engraved writing and added on any extras you may want, all there is left to do is enter your address, pop in your card details, and wait for your new razor and blades to arrive.

Friction Free ShavingThe Gift Box

If subscription boxes aren’t your thing, you can always have a look at their gift box. Perfect for those who want to test out the razor before committing to the monthly subscription, or with Christmas coming up, this would make a perfect gift.

Like the subscription box, you get the choice of two different colour handles – Rose and Silvia. I decided to choose the Rose option, and I also had mine engraved with my name free of charge.

Inside the £33 gift box, you can expect to find:

  • 4 razor blades (lasting you a whole month!)
  • Your very own personalised metal razor handle
  • A blade cover
  • An in-shower razor holder
  • Pre Shave Scrub (100ml)
  • Friction Free Shave Cream (100ml)
  • Post Shave Balm (100ml)

Usually, I hate the thought of having to shave, but as soon as this arrived, I couldn’t wait to run myself a bath and test it all out.

After jumping in the bath and popping a blade onto my razor, I went ahead and prepped my skin with the Pre Shave Scrub. Apart from shaving foam, I had never tried any skin care products that are specifically used along side with your shaving routine. The Pre Shave Scrub was so different to any body scrub I’ve tried in the past, however, the fact that it has natural exfoliants inside did make me feel better about using it. The scrub itself isn’t overly abrasive, so if you had super dry and flaky skin, you may need something a bit tougher than this. Personally, I do prefer my body scrubs to have more exfoliating bits in it, but it did still leave my skin soft and smooth.

Once all the dead skin was removed, I rinsed my legs and applied the Shave Cream all over. Before I had even finished applying the cream, I knew I was going to get along with it as it has a similar texture to hair conditioner – something I often use to shave my legs with. The added ingredients of Shea Butter and Coconut Oil really help to soothe and soften your skin even more.

The razor itself removed all the hair without dragging or pulling at my skin. I’m extremely prone to cutting myself shaving, and so far, I haven’t had to make a naked dash to grab some plasters!

Finally, inside the gift box is their Post Shave Balm. Unfortunately, this was the only product that didn’t work for me. I’ve never been able to apply anything to my skin after shaving as I’m always left with a bright, itchy and angry rash that doesn’t leave until the next day. I was really hoping this was going to be different, but no, I still had the angry rash appear.

Despite not being able to use the Post Shave Balm on freshly shaven skin, it did work wonders when I applied it to my hairy arms!


Final Thoughts

Overall, I’m super impressed with the Friction Free Shaving gift box.

The razor has weight to it, making it feel more expensive and luxurious in my opinion. I can’t stand it when beauty products or tools feel light and flimsy, so this instantly was a major tick for me. I love how the razor blades are good quality, and you’re unlikely to find the same quality blades for the same price anywhere else. Lastly, the Rose colour is absolutely beautiful, and it’s definitely something I could quite happily leave by the side of my bath.

You do get a good size of each product (100ml each), but I do wish that they sold them separately in bigger sizes on their site. I feel as if I’m definitely going to run out of the Pre Shave Scrub before I need to buy any more razors. Saying that, I know I do like to go a bit OTT on body scrubs…

The extras like the blade cover and in-shower razor holder are also really handy to have around. I always keep my razor in my beauty product storage, but it’s nice to know I don’t have to worry about the blades getting accidentally damaged. If I lived by myself, I’d 100% use the razor holder, but if I left it in the bathroom, I know I’d end up sharing it.


What do you think about Friction Free Shaving? Would you ever sign up?

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