In-Depth Look In My Makeup Collection! | First Drawer

Hey boys and gals!


I recently posted my FULL makeup storage post (which you can check out HERE), and thought it would be a nice idea to go a bit more in depth with it all.

First Drawer


I like to keep my first drawer as a sort of ‘tool’ drawer. Just a place where I can keep bits and bobs that usually end up getting lost since you put them ‘somewhere safe’.

Product List

In the front left, I keep all my beauty blenders and sillicon sponge, some loose cotton pads that don’t really have anywhere else to go, and then my E.L.F daily brush cleaner (if anyone knows of a really good daily brush cleaner, please let me know!).


I never really used to wear eyelashes, and I still don’t wear them everyday, but since I’ve started posting more makeup looks on here and my IG (@liverc0ke), I’ve started wearing them a bit more! The majority of them are from Primark, and then I have two pairs from E.L.F, and a pair from Ardell!


I actually brought these for a laugh, and to review them on here! They’re ‘apparently’ instant press on eyeshadow, so we’ll see how they goes down!


Nothing too exciting. I do go through a pack embarrassingly quick though.

In the front right, I keep hand sanitiser, tweezers and tools, foundation brushes for face masks, eyelash glue, mixing palettes and liquid eyeshadow primer, pencil sharpners and some glitters from eBay!



It’s going to be pretty much the same organisers throughout until I get my new organisers from Ikea (shipping from Ikea takes the piss), but for now, I’ve got a lid from a Lookfantastic subscription box, and the drawer from a Birchbox! So happy I kept all my boxes, so now everything is perfectly separated!


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