Is It Time To Break Up With Makeup?

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For many people, the idea of going makeup free is unimaginable. A lot of us rely heavily on cosmetics to make us feel more confident in ourselves – some of us may not be able to go a day without wearing some form of makeup.

Whilst there’s no harm in putting some product on your face occasionally, making it a part of your daily ritual could be having some negative effects. There are lots of benefits to wearing less makeup – even if you don’t have the strength to cut out the cosmetics completely, it could be worth reducing the amount that you do wear (especially if putting on makeup has become as vital to your morning routine as putting on underwear). Here is just a brief guide on breaking up with makeup.


Why wear less makeup?

First of all, it’s worth noting some of the reasons why wearing less makeup could be beneficial. Here are just some of the major advantages:

  • You’ll save money: according to a recent study, women in the US spend an average of $15,000 on makeup within their lifetime. Parting ways with mascara and lipstick could save you huge amounts of money to spend on other things.
  • You’ll free up a lot of time in the morning: women on average spend 18 minutes each morning on their makeup routine. Having a day without makeup could give you more time in the morning – it could even be an excuse to get up 18 minutes later!
  • It’s healthier for you skin: whilst today’s makeup products are a lot healthier for your skin than that of previous generations, there’s still no denying the fact that makeup doesn’t cause some harm. Many products contain chemicals that are absorbed by your body, some of which have been linked to skin conditions in the long run (it’s a very small risk, but it’s still a greater risk than going make-up free). Even if you stick to organic and hypoallergenic brands, you’ll still be blocking up pores and drying out your skin, leading to more spots and wrinkles.
  • You won’t have the hassle of taking off your makeup: After a long night out when all you want to do is go to bed, having to take off all that makeup can be a real chore. Sure, you can go to sleep with it on – but this can cause even more damage to your skin. Going makeup free gives you one less thing to do when you get home.
  • You’ll learn to love your natural appearance: Every time you wear makeup, you’re delivering a modified version of yourself to the world. Most people wear makeup religiously because they don’t like their natural appearance, but you may not be giving your natural self a chance. Going makeup free could make you feel less self-conscious about being seen without makeup – this could be important when dating a new partner who you want to get serious with, as they will eventually have to see you without makeup. Many of us are our own biggest critic and you could find that majority of people don’t bat an eyelid when they see you without makeup.

Is it time to break up with makeup?

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How to make the breakup with makeup easy

If you’re a daily makeup user, you may want to start by taking things slowly. You could try having one makeup-free day a week – perhaps one day at the weekend when you haven’t got any big events on, or perhaps one day at work if you’re feeling brave.


Another way of taking things gradually could be to use one less product each week or to try more natural-looking products. You could start by doing away with foundation and using a tinted moisturiser instead. When it comes to lipstick, you could try a nude lip stick or a clear lip gloss. Mascara may be the hardest product to give up – you can try slowly using less each week until you feel confident going completely mascara free.

Keep a record of your progress from week to week as this will help to spur you on – you could do this through social media updates or keep a private calendar in which you tick off each week. Allow yourself the occasional treat of full make-up when there’s a special event on or when you’re feeling down. Eventually you may even start to dislike the amount of makeup you used to wear and you’ll start to love your natural appearance more.

Is it time to break up with makeup?

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Improving your natural glow

Make-up could be a way of hiding spots or even wrinkles. It could even be something you do because you think your skin is too pale or patchy. Don’t see these blemishes as an obstacle – you may be able to improve the health of your skin by taking certain steps and breaking certain bad habits.

For example, your diet can play a big part in your skin’s appearance. If you want to improve your skin’s natural glow, consider first drinking more water – this could help your skin to look less dry and more rosy. As for fighting wrinkles, you could try this guide on the 27 best anti-aging foods for women. Meanwhile when it comes to spots, try cutting down your sugar intake by drinking less soft drinks – sugar increase inflammation, which helps spots to develop.

There are other ways in which you improve your skin too. For example, getting more sleep could help to make your skin rosier, preventing bags under the eyes and returning colour to your complexion. You could also quit habits such as smoking or heavy drinking, which could be making your skin pale. Make sure you’re also going outdoors and getting some sun exposure, but not too much – sunburn will dry out your skin and lead to wrinkles and moles.

You can also try applying non-makeup skin products to make your skin rosier. Moisturiser is key to fighting the effects of aging, whilst various exfoliating products can be used to scrub away dead skin (although these should be used sparingly). Applying these products doesn’t take long (certainly not as long as applying most forms of make-up) and it could enhance your natural looks in a healthy way.

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