July 2017 Monthly Favourites

I started seeing other people’s ‘July 2017 Monthly Favourites’ posts, and I honestly can’t believe it’s now nearly August?! Where has this year gone?!

July 2017 Monthly Favourites

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion


Oh my god. My face has currently turned into World War 3. This breakout is the worst I’ve had for a while, so thank god I had my trusty Drying Lotion around!

Dove Foam Shower Wash

I saw this advertised and thought it looked really interested. My mum actually picked it up for me one day, and I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s so light and moisturising and I’m left with a faint smell of the foam left on me afterwards.

Bondi Sands Tanning Foam


So July 2017 was the month I really started getting into fake tanning, and I’m so happy I tried out Bondi Sands. I won’t go into too much detail since I already have a review on this, and how it compares to Skinny Tan, but boy oh boy I love this baby.

Huggies Baby Wipes

I have literally become obsessed with baby wipes.


I wasnt joking. I honestly don’t go a day without using these! Quick freshen up, wiping down dusty sides, under my pits, removing swatches… I could go on about my love for baby wipes all day long…

Soap & Glory Exfoliating Gloves


Since I’ve been using the Bondi Sands Fake Tanner, I need something to help it piss off my skin when I want to re-apply it. These are so handy to help get the extra flakey and patchy tan off, and make my skin super soft.

Love Island

I am OBSESSED with this show. I still don’t know if I’m over Love Island being over, but it’s now going to be off my TV for a whole 11 months, and left me with a wounded heart.

The Ordinary High-Spreadabilty Fluid Primer


I only brought this a few days ago, but I am super impressed with it! It’s so silky and smooth, and everything I put on top of it just blends out so well! Love it!

Bates Motel

I think I mentioned my love for Bates Motel before, but I actually stopped watching it when my health was playing up and I was on strong painkillers since whenever I watch show, it needs my full attention, and when you’re off your face on morphine, it’s pretty difficult to keep focused. I started watching it again, and have just finished it. Again, I don’t think I’m over it being finished…

What were your favourites in July?

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