June 2018 Look Incredible Deluxe Subscription Box

Firstly, my June 2018 Look Incredible subscription box arrived today! Usually, it arrives mid month, but I’m definitely not complaining that it’s arrived sooner. However, for some reason, my Lookfantastic subscription box still hasn’t arrived (it usually turns up around the 5th), so I’m not entirely sure when that post will be up.

Secondly, it’s my birthday today! I’ve made it to the ripe ol’ age of 21. Does this mean I need to actually start eating a proper breakfast now that I’m a full on adult?

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June 2018 Look Incredible Deluxe Subscription Box

Nars Sculpting Multiple Duo Contour – £29.00

This versatile, Sculpting Multiple Duo delivers sheer, natural-looking contouring and highlighting in one portable, double-ended wand. The darker tone creates subtle definition, enhancing the natural contours of the face with a second-skin finish. The highlighting shade accentuates the high points of the face with sheer, powder-soft illumination.

Even though I’m really not a fan of cream products (mainly for the reason I’m shit at using them), I was quite happy to see this in this months box.

I’m super pale, and luckily the contour side isn’t actually that dark, so I’m hoping it’s going to suit my skin tone. On the other hand, it may just look like I’ve been punched in the jaw.

Too Faced Glitter Glue & Shadow Insurance Eyeshadow Primer Duo Set – £26.00

Too Faced Glitter Glue Shadow Primer

An eye shadow primer that locks down glitter, shimmer, and metallic shadows. Unique binders block down glitter and shimmer to prevent messy fall-out. Ensures glitters and shimmers don’t budge until you want them to.

I was over the moon to see this in the June 2018 Look Incredible box.

If you follow me on Instagram (totally shamless plug), then you may have seen my glitter collection pop up on my stories a few times (if not, I have a highlights dedicated all to glitter!). I’m completely and utterly obsessed with glitter, and I’m always needing more glitter glue.

Also, festival season is coming up, so I’m 100% going to need to start stocking up on some more glitter glue!

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Anti-Crease Eye Shadow Primer

Featherweight eye primer that locks down shadows for 24 hours of crease-proof, budge-proof, waterproof wear and true colour payoff. Unique binders lock down eye shadow pigments for amazingly long wear.

I used to wear eyeshadow all the time, but I’ve slowly stopped wearing as much, and just sticking to a bit of bronzer in my crease so that I don’t look so 2D. I will give this a go sometime, but it’s going to take a lot to replace my love for the P Louise Rumor base.

Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi-Gloss Lip Lacquer – £18.00

ARTIST PLEXI GLOSS gives it all to your lips: Shocking shine, excessive colour, long-lasting power and a vinyl-shine finish. With the easy-to-use applicator, you can perfectly cover your lips in one stroke and draw the perfect glossy lips. Can give you glossy and coloured lips for hours.

Meeh. I’m not really a fan of gloss at all, so this one is going to be donated to my mother.

Lancome Le Stylo Waterproof Eyeliner – £20.00

At last, eyeliner that’s here to stay. Formulated for an intense eye look to withstand everything from tears to inclement weather, this waterproof eyeliner has a unique twist tip that never needs sharpening. Won’t skip, smudge or streak. The easy-glide, creamy texture helps you create any look you like.

I’ve stopped wearing eyeliner for the time being, and when I do wear it, I tend to use liquid instead of pencil.

Whilst I’m not angry it’s in this box, I am starting to get slightly irritated with how many black pencil eyeliners they include.

Florapy Stress Relief Facial Sheet Mask – £8.00

Release the stresses of the day and calm the mind with the energy of Chamomile and Patchouli. Patchouli aromatherapy empowers a relaxed mind, an enhanced mood and calmness. The gentle chamomile flower calms the senses and quiets the mind. The potent soothing and hydrating benefits leave the skin feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Peaceful patchouli encourages circulation, eases tension and fights away stress. Enhanced with Recovery Essence 8 – a proprietary blend of vervain flower, grapeseed oil, olive oil, clary sage oil, carrot oil, almond oil, rosehip and vitamin E.

This wasn’t on the infomation card included in the box, so I’m guessing this is a little freebie that they’ve added in.

They’ve added these masks in before as freebies, so I’m not complaining that it’s in this months box.

What do you think of the June 2018 Look Incredible Deluxe subscription box?







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