Dead Sea Spa Magik Brand Review

I honestly don’t know what my skin would do without Dead Sea Spa Magik. This stuff is honestly a brand sent from the gods. It was only when I had a bath earlier, that I realised my whole skin routine is by this brand…


Dead Sea Spa Magik Mud Mask –  £7.99

This product has to be my favourite of theres. I picked it up in Holland and Barrett as I’ve been wanting to try a mud mask for ages. Another thing that made me want to try this is that it states that it dries in 1-5 minutes. I cannot stand waiting 20+ minutes for a face mask to dry.
When applied, the mask is very cooling on the skin, and you can see it start to dry in less than a minute. When dried, it does have a slight tight feel to it, but nothing horrendous. You can also see all your pores when its dried, which rightly or wrongly, makes me think this product is extremely deep cleaning.
It is quite messy to remove, so I always put this on before my bath. By the time I’m in the bath, the mask is completely dry. I usually splash my face first and try and remove the majority of it, and then use a face cloth to remove the rest.
Afterwards, my skin literally GLOWS. My skin feels so soft and smooth afterwards, but sometimes can be a little drying, so make sure you use a moisturiser afterwards.


Dead Sea Spa Magik Bath Salts – £5.99

Now I don’t have that much experience with bath salts, so when I used this for the first time I wasn’t 100% what to expect for the results. I brought this as I had read a lot of people use this for their psoriasis, and said how much it calmed it down. I have noticed that I haven’t had a flare up since I’ve started using this product, but that may be due to the fact I’ve been using Lush’s Dream Cream over the areas which I usually get it.


Dead Sea Spa Magik Mild Exfoliant – £7.99

I tend to use this after the mask (I know, I know. I do everything in the wrong order…) so that it can also remove the last bit of the mud. This once again is one of my favourite products by them. I brought this as it was a ‘Mild Exfoliant’ and they weren’t wrong! I’ve tried face scrubs in the past that felt as if I was rubbing glass shards on my face. I was actually worried that this product wouldn’t do anything, as I couldn’t feel that much going on… But I was very, very wrong. My skin again was so bright and soft. I cannot stop stroking my face after using this. Once again, can sometimes be drying, but nothing your normal moisturiser can’t fix!


Dead Sea Spa Magik Black Mud Soap – £4.29

This is the newest product to the collection. I was very sceptical of this as everywhere I read about skincare always told me to stay clear of bar soaps. I thought I’d give this ago as I had read how people had used this for their acne.
So far, so good! The soap its self if quite small, as I was expecting a full sized soap. Sort of like the Dove soap. So I can’t imagine this product lasting that long.
This definitely does make me feel instantly refreshed, and clean, but once again, this product is drying. The most drying out of them all.

Even though my skin does have breakouts still, these products have managed to make sure that they don’t last very long and they’re definitely nothing as bad as they were before I started using these products.

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