TAM Beauty Haul + Mystery Bag Reveal

Tam Beauty Haul, Review & Mystery Bag Reveal!
Tam Beauty Haul & Mystery Bag Reveal


As soon as I heard about the new Makeup Revolution concealer launch, I headed straight to TAM Beauty and filled up my basket.

Then, two days later, I received an email from TAM Beauty saying that they had brought their Mystery Bag deal back, but for ONE DAY ONLY. Of course, I hopped back onto TAM Beauty, and placed a second order.

Just to be clear, the Mystery Bag is a deal that TAM Beauty produces once in a while. If you spend £30 and over, you receive a free bag of unknown goodies. Since I already placed an order a few days ago, there wasn’t actually that much I needed/wanted to get, but luckily my mum was after a few bits and bobs, meaning my second order came to over £30 and I could get the free mystery bag.

Can someone please take my bank card away from me?

Also, this was all purchased in January, meaning I’ve not broken my no spend February yet!



I’ve recently fell in love with loose highlighters again, and I saw a YouTuber use this a while back and knew I had to get it.


Am I a real beauty blogger now that I’ve got this?!


Of course, another highlight product… Even though I haven’t even swatched them yet, they look stunning.


This is such an obvious dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hill Subculture Palette, so obviously I wanted needed it. I’ve already used this a few times, and I am in love with it and it’s quickly made its way to my favourite palettes.


I’m going to be writing a full review on this soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Mystery Bag

Freedom Bronzed Professional Pro Bronze – £1.95


I was actually after a new bronzer and this is perfect! The compact is roughly the size of a Jeffree Star Skin Frost, so I know this is going to last me for bloody ages.

I Heart Makeup Nail Polish – Geek Flare 02


I couldn’t find this on TAM Beauty, but I cannot wait to try this out. It’s going to look amazing on the toe nails in the summer!

Makeup Revolution Eat Sleep Makeup Repeat Eyeshadow Palette – £1.80


Bloody hell. If you’re after a bright, neon palette, then this is for you. It says on the box that it’s ‘3 looks in 1 palette’ (I’m guessing they mean use all the pinks together, then greens together etc), but the possibilities are endless.

The Colour Experts Lipstick – Naked Bare


I’ve never heard of this brand before and couldn’t find this on TAM Beauty either… I have a ridiculous amount of lipsticks, but I’ve always got space for one more nude!

Makeup Revolution The One Highlight Contour Stick – £1.50


I’m really not a big fan of liquid/cream products, so I can’t see me reaching for this soon.

Makeup Revolution Mono Eyeshadow – Purple Heaven – £0.65


Look how bloody beautiful that shade is. All I need to do now is think of a nice look I could use it in.

Makeup Revolution The One Blush Stick – £1.50


Again, not a fan of cream products. It is a stunning colour though, and I could see me using this if I’m not going for a full face (which is rare), but for now, it can live right at the back of my collection.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Kit – Lightening Contour 02 – £1.05


Again, cream products… I’m kind of curious to try this out, so fingers crossed I don’t look like I’ve been rolling around in a pig sty…

What’s your favourite purchase from TAM Beauty?

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