Two Tanning Favourites

Summer is on its way finally! Saying that, I’m the typical Brit who will moan whatever the weather. Boiling hot sun? I’ll moan. Cloudy? I’ll moan. Snowing? I’ll moan. There is literally no perfect weather for me. As much as I think I’m going to get a beautiful, golden tan from sitting in the shade, it’s not going to happen. I thought it would be a nice idea to share my two tanning favourites with all my fellow shade bathers out there. Enjoy!


Tanning Favourites

Tanning Favourites - Solait Dry Oil

∼Solait Dry Oil∼

This is a new product for me, but has quickly become one of my tanning favourites. I’m literally obsessed with this stuff.

I was worried that it would leave my skin feeling greasy, and because it’s only £4, I thought I’d be left with a big ol’ patchy mess that would take me 5 hours to scrub off in the shower. Praise the heavens that I was completely wrong.

To apply the tan, all you need to do is spritz the dry oil onto your skin, and then buff in with a tanning mitt. The tan luckily has a guide tan, so you can clearly see where you’re spraying it, and where you need to pop on some more. When you first spray it, the tan does look rather dark, but don’t be alarmed. Once it’s all buffed in, it leaves you with a beautiful golden colour, which then develops into a darker tan.

If you’re after a darker tan, you can apply some more on 30 minutes after the first application. I tend not to do this unless I’ve just scrubbed it all off. However, I do pop this on daily to give myself more of a gradual looking tan. I’ve learnt from my many mistakes of applying a whole bottle of tan in one sitting, and then having to deal with the ‘Have you been abroad?!’ questions from all the customers at work.

You don’t have to wash this off, and the colour lasts for a good 3+ days. Unlike other tans I’ve used, I can sit down onto white sheets within minutes of applying, and I don’t have to worry about leaving an orange arse mark. I usually have to sit on a towel for the whole day so that I don’t transfer any of the tan onto bedding or furniture (which is one of the reasons I hate fake tanning so much!)

Finally, not once have I been left with a single streak from using this. Being the tanning novice I am, I can almost guarantee I’ll have at least one streak, but those days are far behind me.

Sorry Bondi Sands, I love you, but I love this more.

Click here to purchase the Solait Dry Oil.

Tanning Favourites - UTAN & Tone Coconut Facial Water

∼UTAN & Tone Coconut Facial Water∼

I’m terrified to fake tan my face. Even though the Solait Dry Oil is okay to use all over, I have visions that I’m going to wake up looking like a wotsit.

I received this facial water in my first ever Look Incredible subscription box, and I’ve only now just plucked up the courage to use it. How I wish I started using this sooner.

I love how easy this is to use. Literally, all you have to do is spritz it on your face, and Bob’s your uncle, Fanny’s your aunt.

The coconut facial water can be applied 3 different ways:

  1. Under makeup as a primer.
  2. Setting spray over makeup
  3. Or onto clean, dry skin.

I personally like using this on bare skin, just before I get into bed. I do my usual skincare, let everything fully soak in, and then spray my face around 6 times. The packaging doesn’t actually say how many times you’re meant to spray/layer this on, but I found that 6 times is enough for the colour and coverage that I want.

Whilst I haven’t tried it as a primer or a setting spray, I’m not too sure if I’d recommend it. Something in my waters tells me that it’s going to end up patchy if you do.

The tan takes 4-6 hours to fully develop, so I know if I spray this on before bed, I’ll wake up with a natural looking tan. Also, I tend to fake tan my body at night as well, so this way I won’t have to deal with having a pale face for a few hours whilst I wait for the tan to develop.

You can also use this all over your body, but it personally isn’t as dark as I’d like for my body. I prefer it when my body is slightly darker than my face, but obviously that’s completely your own preference.

Shop the UTAN & Tone Coconut Facial Water.

What are your tanning favourites?

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