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I recently was contacted by the website, and was asked if I would like to write a post about some of their products and site, in return for a review (If you would like to read a full disclaimer on posts like this, please click HERE).

After searching around their website for a good hour, I finally had chosen a few items, and honestly, I was checking my tracking number on their website multiple times a day, as I couldn’t wait to try everything out.

The Site

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 12.08.11 is very similar to sites like AliExpress, Wish and Joom in the way that they sell a whole variety of products, but for a very inexpensive price due to the products being sold in China.

They have 15 categories to search in – Fashion & Clothes, Jewellery & Watches, Shoes & Bags, Apple Accessories, Cell Phones & Accessories, Health & Beauty, Home & Garden, Lights & Lighting, Computers & Tablets, Electronics & Accessories, Automobiles & Motorcycles, Hobbies & Toys, Sports & Outdoors, Wedding & Events and Business & Industrial. Of course, I instantly clicked onto their Health & Beauty category.

They also have a sister site called Rose Hair Extensions, where you can purchase human hair extensions – from hair weaves to clip ins.


All there items on the website were EXTREMELY affordable. Nothing I ordered cost over $5, and to be honest, it was rare that I came across anything over $5.

There are some more pricey items on the site, and I believe the most expensive thing I came across was a flying drone for $200+.


Shipping was actually surprisingly fast.

I’m currently awaiting some bits and pieces from Joom, and that’s already taking a good 3 weeks so far.

I’m not 100% sure of the date that the parcel was sent out, but on the 1st December, I received an email to say that my parcel has been sent out (after I changed one of my items).

I then received my parcel on the 5th December, meaning that my shipping took less than 1 week.

They are able to ship worldwide, but obviously some shipping prices may differ for where you’re based in the world.

Packaging Of The Parcel

I received all my products in a black plastic bag, and I was instantly worried.

I knew I had ordered makeup, and as soon as I opened the bag, I saw that nothing came secured in bubble wrap.

As I write this section of the post, I’m still too scared to open up the plastic wrap that is on the products, since I know at least one this has to be shattered. I mean, the parcel has been sent all the way from Singapore with ZERO protection…

The Products

New Plastic Storage Box Case Drawer Desktop Cosmetics Jewellery Watch Organizer – $4.72/£3.57



I had originally picked out the ‘White 4 Drawers’, but was then informed that they were out of stock, and would I be happy with the ‘Coffee 3 Drawer’. I send them an email back asking for another product (an artis brush dupe), but for some reason, I received the ‘Coffee 3 Drawers’ instead of the brush…

The description of the product states:

  • Each of the corners are polished and smooth, not to hurt the hand
  • Small pull ring, easy to use, pull ring surface is smooth, not to hurt the hand
  • Drawer catch, to prevent excessive force deprived of drawers scattered objects
  • There are snap connections, make cabinet more stable and will not fall off the case
  • Transparent box body, can be more intuitive to see the inside of the discharge objects, easy to quickly find what they need
  • According to their needs, choose a different layers and colors, suitable for two-drawer desk, three drawers for office desktop, four for home desktops
  • Using food grade PP material, with no odor, appearance pliable material also light grinding and other times highlights, smooth edges, color highlighting classical flavor


Performance – I originally wanted the white 4 drawers to keep my glitters in, but since I was under the impression that I was going to be receiving the brush instead, I went out and brought something else for my glitters.

The drawers are seriously small, but will be good for keeping small bits and bobs in (would have been perfect for storing glitters, but not all of mine would have fit in them!).

Unfortunately, because they’re not white, I won’t be putting them on display anywhere, and will most likely end up putting them on top of the drawers in my wardrobe, and using them to organise makeup and skin care samples.IMG_0416

Or, if I worked in an office job, I could imagine these being perfect for organising stationary and pens.

12 Colors Glitter Lip Liner Eye Shadow Eyeliner Professional Makeup Pencil Set – $3.02/£2.29


I’m really into wearing bold, colourful eyeliner, so I knew I just had to get these.

The description of the product states:

These 12 colors makeup pencils could be used as eye shadow, lip liner, eyeliner pens, which are ideal for precision definition and lash thickening effect.

Packaging – They arrived in a small clear bag, with each pencil packaged in a white plastic, and colour coordinating writing and lid (the blue pencil had blue writing and a blue lid, the green pencil had green writing and a green lid etc.).

Performance – These are actually pretty good! Each of the pencils are really pigmented, and are super buttery, meaning that there is no chance of them pulling at your eyes/lips.


Honestly, I’m super excited to use these out. Since they’re super soft, I’m not too sure how long they’re going to last, but they’re going to be perfect to do an ombré eyeliner look.

Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil Eye Brow Pen With Brush Women Makeup Cosmetic Tool – $1.42/£1.07


This is one thing I actually picked up for my mum. She’s running super low on her usual brow pencil, and she came across this when helping me look for some items to pick out.


  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Type: Eyebrow Pencil
  • 3 colors for your choice: Brown/Dark Brown/Black


  • Automatic rotary refill, double-headed design
  • Soft refill and easy to apply
  • Lasting wear and never fade
  • No staining
  • Natural looking, Long lasting and waterproof

Packaging – I actually really like the packaging of this. The box it arrived in reminds me a lot of the YSL packaging, and the actual pencil is a really pretty gold colour. It does however feel quite lightweight, but I’ll let that one slide.

It also has ‘Keep colour and the moist makeup’ printed on the front of the outer packaging, and I have zero clue on what that’s meant to mean…


Performance – 

The colour is perfect. Usually, I find with cheaper brow pencils that they’re too warm for me/my mum, but I think this is going to suit her perfectly.

Unfortunately, this isn’t as buttery as the eyeliners – almost scratchy. Perhaps if you warmed this up on the back of your hand, or carfully used a lighter on the product, then this might be a little bit more comfortable to use.


15 Colors Pro Eye Shadow Cosmetic Makeup Matte Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette – $2.32/£1.76


With two colour options to pick from, I decided to go for ‘#2’ which is a colourful, but wearable palette. Option ‘#1’ is a neutral matte palette, but decided against this one as I have a ridiculous about of neutral palettes anyway.

  • 15 colors eye shadow palette.
  • Portable and convenient to use.
  • High quality ingredients with silky shine color, can last for all day long!
  • Colors range from white/cream colors for highlight to dark colors ideal for smoky eyes.
  • This palette has all the colors you need to recreate sophisticated or edgy looks for day and night,

for different occasions, casual, party, wedding!

  • Very pigmented and vibrant, palettes includes matte and shimmer eye shadows, easy to match your look!
  • No dye and will not form an annoying eyeshadow mark!
  • Easy to draw beautiful shades around the eyes last long.
  • Give clear & intense makeup effects and make you fascinating and attractive.
  • Perfect for Professional Salon, Wedding, Party and Home use

Packaging – This took me by surprise. Even though I wasn’t expecting the palette to be huge, I was expecting the palette to be bigger than the palm of my hand. It does however say the measurements on the website, but me being me, I chose to ignore this.

The packaging also does feel rather cheap in my opinion, with a black base and a thin white plastic top.


Performance – I think the main thing everyone is wondering about is did this palette arrive shattered, and to my surprise, no. No cracks, no dust, nothing. I’m not entirely sure how it made it over to the U.K. in one piece with no bubble wrap and a really cheap and thin plastic, but I’m not complaining.

I only swatched 4 shadows, and even though they aren’t the best quality eyeshadows I’ve ever tried, they’re definitely worth the £1.79.


35 Colors Pro Eye Shadow Cosmetic Party Makeup Matte Eyeshadow Palette Set – $4.70/£3.56


With 6 different colours to choose from, I decide to choose colour ‘P’ which is 35 different colours of purple. Funnily enough, they seem to have stolen Morphe’s idea, and named each palette ’35’ with the chosen letter afterwards. Comparing this to the Morphe 35P, I feel as if the palette I received is more wearable since it features some lighter shades, whilst the Morphe is all really dark shades.

  • 35 colors eye shadow palette.
  • Portable and convenient to use.
  • High quality ingredients with silky shine color, can last for all day long!
  • Rich and leading-the-trend colors.Colors range from white/cream colors for highlight to dark colors

ideal for smoky eyes. This palette has all the colors you need to recreate sophisticated or edgy looks for day and night,

for different occasions, casual, party, wedding!

  • Very pigmented and vibrant, palettes includes matte and shimmer eye shadows, easy to match your look!
  • No dye and will not form an annoying eyeshadow mark!
  • Glossy color and nourish ingredients together to care eye skin around!
  • Perfect for both professional Salon or personal use!
  • Feel light and soft, easily create clear and brilliant eye makeup finish.

Packaging – I was even more shocked by the size of this palette. Since this is home to 35 colours, I was sort of expecting a palette slightly smaller than the Morphe ones, but boy was I wrong.

The packaging feels a bit more sturdier than the 15 shadow palette above, but still is nothing great.

The main thing that I noticed was how tiny the pans are. Each pan is smaller than the size of a 5p pence, so I can’t see this lasting anyone too long.


Also, due to the little ‘bumps’ inbetween the pans, it was pretty difficult to manage to swatch them.

It has ‘VV HUDA’ written on the palette, and I’m not too sure if this is to try and lure in any Huda Beauty fans, or it’s just a pure coincidence.

Performance – Again, like the last palette, I opened this one ever so carefully, expecting all the eyeshadow to crumble out on my new bedding. Luckily, nothing was broken or cracked, and again, I have no idea how it managed to last the journey over here.

I first went to swatch the brightest purple shade, and as soon as I touched the pan, it turned blue.


Now, I could understand if my fingers/brush were wet, then the colour may change, but since my finger was completely dry, I still have no idea whats going on… I swatched this shade aswell so you can see how weird this shadow is. It looks completely different in the pan, and then different when the pan is touched, and then again different when swatched?!


Believe it or not, I actually swatched 5 of the shadows here, but you can barely even see the last swatch.

The shimmer shadows were stunning. I honestly, cannot fault those. They’re incredibly pigmented, and just all around beautiful shades. The mattes on the other hand had hardly any pigmentation, so I can’t say that I’ll be reaching for this any time I want to use a matte shadow.

Waterproof Brow Enhancers Eyebrow Cream Liquid Long Lasting with Brush – $3.40/£2.57


This caught my eye after seeing the Maybelline Brow Tattoo gel all over social media.

  • Waterproof, Long- lasting
  • Portable size, easy to carry

Packaging – Big fan. The product itself feels weighty and well made. There seems to be a heart rate line on the packaging aswell, but I’m not too sure what that has to do with brow products.

Performance – This was something that I was extremely sceptical of, but bloody hell am I in love.

The applicator thats inside of the brow gel is actually a hard plastic point, so I just take a small, angled brush to apply the product with, rather than using the applicator in the tube.

The product itself is really pigmented, and dries down on your brows, making them stay in place all day. Since I recieve this, I’ve used this on my brows everyday, and I’m definitely going to be purchasing another in the future.


Overall, I have very mixed feelings about the items I got sent.

The drawers are decent drawers, I’m just having trouble trying to use them. I’d definitely recommend getting them for organising makeup, glitter, nuts and bolt, pens etc. though.

The eye/lip liners are definitely going to be used a lot. I love the colours and how smooth they are to apply.

The brow pencil I’m giving to my mum, but I’m not sure if I would personally use it due to it being quite scratchy.

The 15 pan palette is really pretty, but not that good quality, but like I said, it’s definitely worth the under £2 price tag.

The 35p palette again, is really pretty, and I will be using the shimmery shades, but not the matte ones. The size is also a proper let down, so I don’t think I’d buy another one in another shade.

The brow gel is my favourite thing from this haul and I’ll definitely be buying it again in the future!

I definitely would shop from again, but perhaps not for eyeshadow…

Have you ever brought anything from before?

*The items listed in this post were very kindly sent over to me, but all opinions remain my own. If you are interested in sending me over a product for review purposes, email me at


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