How I’m Trying To Become A Better Blogger

I feel as if a bloggers work is never done. There is always room for improvement when it comes to blogging. Can I improve my photos? How do I make my blog more appealing to a bigger audience? How can I make people want to come back? These are the questions that are constantly flooding my mind (along with around fifty thousand other questions). I have notebooks after notebooks filled with different things I want to either change on my blog or add to my blog. I have tasks that I know will improve my blog that I can complete within hours, and there are some tasks that are going to take a few trials and errors before I finally find something that works for me. Everything I do for and on my blog, whether it’s posting a new blog post or finally trying to knuckle down on my blog branding is essentially going to help me become a better blogger/run a blog that I’m proud of showing off.

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How I’m Trying To Become A Better Blogger

01. The one thing that I hope is a clear improvement is my photography. I’m still not completely happy with how my photos look, but there’s definitely a huge improvement from what my photos used to look like. No longer am I just throwing products down on my foam board and uploading the photo as it is. I’m trying to grow my prop collection (you can never have too many props) and I have finally found a way of editing my photos.

02. I used to have a pretty tight Instagram posting schedule (every single day at 12pm). At one point, I got pretty obsessed with it, and didn’t really see any real results from it. For the last few weeks, my social media has gone right to the bottom of my priority list. It’s not that I’ve been purposely trying to slow down on the social media side of things, it’s just that I’ve had 101 things to do on my blog, that I’ve almost forgotten about it. I’ve been trying to start using Twitter again more though, and I’m loving it so far. I think I may have to look into scheduling tweets in the future though.

03. Blogging has and always will be about sharing the love. Commenting on blog posts, liking and sharing… Yes, commenting on other blogs can lead to traffic to your own site, but it shouldn’t be about that. What’s wrong in showing appreciation to another bloggers article without trying to gain something back from it? I used to read and comment on around 20 blog posts a day, but for the last few months, I’ve not been doing that as much. I definitely want to try to get into the habit of at least reading 5 different blog posts and leaving a cheeky comment here and there (and I’m not talking about the generic ‘Nice post!’ comment).

04. Improving SEO is something that I wrote a whole blog post about. Without repeating myself too much, ever since going self hosted, I’ve learned the importance of SEO. Whilst I’d say 90% of my posts are a SEO rating of ‘ok‘ or ‘good‘, I want to work on making them all ‘good‘ and start to work on introducing some long-tail keywords.

05. Emily Becca recently wrote a blog post all about branding your blog, and it’s really given me the kick up the arse I needed. I’ve finally got a logo on my blog and slowly getting around to slapping it on everything. The next steps I need to work on is sorting out my colour palette, my Pinterest pins and all the little bits in between.

06. I recently registered as self-employed with HMRC. As scary as it is to finally take ‘the blogging leap’, I really need to up my organising game. I haven’t been too bad with this so far (I’ll be writing a post about it all soon), but I still feel as if I could be doing more to make the dreaded tax return easier.

What steps are you taking to become a better blogger?

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