Simple Ways To Increase Your Domain Authority (DA) Score

DA (Domain Authority). Two letters/words that can either make or break a blogger.

I first started to hear about Domain Authority when I joined blogging groups on Facebook. Bloggers left, right and centre were leaving comments like ‘I’m a travel blogger with a DA of 34’ or ‘I’m looking for mummy bloggers with a DA of 20+’. You’re definitely not alone if they seem completely alien to you.

I more comments I saw mentioning DA, the more interested I started to become.

What is a Domain Authority? Why is it important? Why do I need to tell brands what my score is?!

I do also want to quickly add that I am no Domain Authority expert. Everything in this post will be my understanding of DA and my findings. However, if you are a Domain Authority expert and I’m totally talking out of my arse, then please let me know.

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What Is Domain Authority (DA)?

Domain Authority (DA) score for as of march 2018

My DA score as of March 2018

In simple terms, your Domain Authority score is your search engine ranking score. The higher the score, the easier your site will be able to be found, or the higher your site will show up on search engines.

Your score will range from 1 – 100 and the aim of the game is to get the highest score you can – the higher the score, the better.

Gee Gardener has a really helpful blog post all about DA and what it means in more detail.

Why Is Your DA Important?

If you have a personal, private blog that you only share with a few family members and friends, then your score won’t matter that much. If you use your blog as a public site and want people all over the world to see your posts, then it definitely will matter to you.

The reason why you heard so many people talking about their DA score and asking how they can increase it is actually really simple.

Like I mentioned in the last few paragraphs, the higher your score is, the higher up your site will show on search engines. For example, if you googled something, the first page of results will all have a higher DA score than the results on the last page.

This pretty much goes without saying, but if you’re on the first page of a search engine search result, then you’re going to get a hell of a lot more traffic than if you were on the last page.

With a higher DA score, you’re also more likely to be contacted by brands and guest posters. Brands will want you to talk about their product since more people will see it, meaning they will likely gain a sale – hence why big bloggers get a lot of PR packages and sponsorships.

Guest posters will also start getting in contact with you, asking if they can create a blog post for you site. The higher your score, the more determined someone will be to get their link on your site. The reason bloggers/brands/companies want a link on your site is simply because it will also help their

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How Can I Find Out My Score?

Simply, to check your Domain Authority score, all you need to do is go onto Moz’s site, enter your URL and click ‘Search’. Keep in mind that you can only check your score if you own your domain. If your URL looks something like, then Moz will give you a score for WordPress and NOT your site.

Every month, Moz (the developers of Domain Authority) will update their system which will allow you to check your new, updated DA score.

You can check your score an unlimited amount of times, but your score will only change (either up or down) when they update their site. You can check the Moz updates page to find out the date of the next scheduled update so you know when to next check your score.

image of how to find out your domain authority/DA on moz

How To Improve Your DA Score

  1. Delete Broken Links. Broken links are links that take you nowhere. If your site has a lot of broken links, then your site will look like spam. A site that looks like spam = bad DA score.To delete broken links, simply enter your URL on Broken Link Check. Just remember to delete the automatic ‘www.’ that appears. For some reason, Broken Link Check won’t actually scan your site with it included.
  2. Links Back To Your Site. Guest posting. Sharing your link in blog comments. Sharing links on your social media accounts. There are multiple ways to ‘get your link out there’.If you decide to guest post on another site, try to do it on a site with a high DA score. Just remember to actually include links to your site and site pages.I’ve mentioned doing this before in other blogging 101 posts, but sign off your comment with your URL. Do NOT just comment your URL. Leave a 8+ word comment, then sign off with your URL.There hasn’t been much ‘proof’ about sharing on social media actually helping to improve your DA score, but what harm could it do? Even if it doesn’t improve your score, you’ll at least send some traffic your way.
  3. SEO. This has become something that I’m really trying to crack down on. Since I’m now self hosted, I can install plugins. One of the most popular plugins among bloggers is Yoast. It literally tells you everything you need to do to improve your SEO rating. I’m going to be writing a post about SEO soon, so I’ll link that here once it’s live.
  4. Make Your Site Mobile Friendly. Google seems to like sites that are mobile friendly. They like them so much that they’ll  rank them higher over non-mobile friendly sites.Another key reason to make your site mobile friendly is the fact that people can’t seem to get off their phones these days. There has been studies to show that people spend longer searching the web on their mobiles, than on a laptop or computer. Why would you not make your site accessible to more people?!
  5. Internal Linking. Not only a DA score booster, but also a traffic booster.Whenever you create a post, ALWAYS include links back to old posts. For example, I’ve started to include links that have the same theme as the current post in the bottom right hand corner. Let’s say you wrote a post all about your holiday. Include links to other travel themed posts you have written.This will increase your Domain Authority score since it’ll make your page look full of information and relevant. Google likes to show people sites that they think will be full of information and internal linking is one way of proving it.Furthermore, someone may be reading your post about your holiday. If you then also include the link of your ‘Essential Things To Pack For Your Holiday’, they’ll be more likely to stick around and read that post, rather than exit your site.
  6. Post Regularly. If you only post once a year, it’s very unlikely that you’re going to score high.Make sure that you’re posting content at least 4 times a month to your site.
  7. Be Patient. As much as I wish you could improve your score by 20 overnight, it’s not going to happen.You’re going to have months where your score increase a lot and you’re not going to realise you’ve done anything different. There’s also going to be months where you’ll work really hard to increase your score, only to see it’s gone down or stayed the same.

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Things To Remember:

  • Keep checking for broken links and remove them straight away.
  • Leave your URL in comments with a minimum of 8 words.
  • Improve your SEO.
  • Make your site mobile friendly.
  • Link back to old posts.
  • Re-vamp old posts to make them more DA friendly.
  • Check your score monthly.
  • Building up your DA score is a painfully slow process. Just keep working at it.

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