Why I Left All Of My Instagram Pods [social_warfare]

For those who don’t know, Instagram pods are a group chat (usually on Instagram’s message feature), with a group of people in who post their new IG post in. The idea is that everyone in that group will go like and comment on that image, helping to boost your numbers and to try to help the said image appear on other people’s feeds.

Trying to grow your Instagram account has recently become a massive ball ache. With people following you and then unfollowing you as soon as you follow them back, the algorithm being a complete joke and everyone trying to fight for their image to be shown to as many people as possible, it makes it extremely difficult to get anywhere with your Instagram.

Normally, bloggers will have a set goal in their head – something like ‘by June, I hope I’ll hit 5k followers’, but even if you’re only 15 followers away from hitting your goal, it can take months and months to finally get there (and when you do, you’ll then have multiple people decide to unfollow you at the same time). This is where an Instagram pod prove to be very useful.

From my experience, everyone in the pod tends to follow each other at the beginning. Then as time goes on, usually the people in the pod will create a shout out stories post, where they’ll screen shot your Instagram profile, tag you in it, and tell everyone why they should follow you. This usually tends to gain you a few extra followers here and there, but every little helps when you have a goal in mind.

It’s also amazing to post a new photo and see the likes and comments flood in. It makes you feel as if your content is actually appreciated and they actually enjoyed it, but the truth is that they only commented and liked it because they have to.

After being in these pods for a few months, I finally came to the decision that it was time to pack them all in.

Why I Left My Instagram Pods

The first reason I wanted to leave my Instagram pods (I had 4 pods that each had 15 people in!) was because I honestly couldn’t keep up. I’d dread having to put a new image up on the gram since it meant I then had to go back and show appreciation to 60 other posts before sharing mine. I loved (and still do!) Instagram, and after all of this, I started to despise it.

I was commenting and liking posts that I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t been in the pod. I was following people who I wouldn’t have ever followed if it wasn’t for the Instagram pod. And it wasn’t just me feeling this way – it was everyone else in the pod. This only really became clear after I had left them all. My average amount of comments turned from 30 to 2 very quickly, proving that all the ‘oh I love this photo!’ comments were just there for the sake of following the pods rules.

Lastly, I stopped caring. I stop caring about a number underneath my photo. I stopped refreshing my profile every few minutes to see if I had gain any more followers or likes. I just didn’t care anymore.

I want to post content that people truly like. Not content that people feel forced to interact with.

I’m not saying that if you’re in any Instagram pods that you should leave immediately. If you’re really trying hard to prove your engagement rate, but feel as if you’re getting nowhere, then an Instagram pod may be that little extra push you need.

Are you in any Instagram pods?

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