How I Keep Organised As A Blogger

I can not begin to tell you how much time I’ve wasted, searching for that one photo that’s exactly what I need for my blog post. I could have saved so much time if I actually got myself organised at the start, instead of having to play catch up now. I feel like organisation is such an important part of blogging that not a lot of people talk about. Long story short – save yourself some time in the future by getting everything organised now. I’ve still got a long way to go, but here are the little things that I like to do to keep myself organised as a blogger.

How I Keep Organised As A Blogger


I have a folder that I keep on my desktop at all times called ‘BLOG’. In here, I’m sure that you’ll be surprised to hear that inside this folder, I keep all blog related things. I’m talking media kits, monthly blog stats, Pinterest pins that I’ve made, blog photos, invoices, the lot.

Calendar App

This is honestly my best friend.

Every time I schedule a blog post, I mark it in my calendar. This way, I can see instantly what blog posts are scheduled to go live and what posts are already live. I also like to mark down any important blogger dates such as when Moz updates so I can check my DA score (I’ve got a whole post about domain authority which you can read HERE), when a sponsored post needs to be live by, when I need to update my media kit, etc.

Notebooks & Notes

I lied. THIS is my best friend.

I like to use both notebooks and the notes app on my iPhone. Usually, I write down my blogging ‘to-do’ lists in a notebook. For some reason, it feels a lot more satisfying to physically cross off a task, rather than just delete it on my phone. I have a ridiculous amount of notebooks dotted around my room. If you want to start becoming more organised as a blogger, get yourself some notebooks ASAP.

In my notes app, I tend to write down any helpful blog related links and brands I want to work with.

Business PayPal

The little darling that is Hannah Jayde told me about the wonders of using a business PayPal. Here, I can create invoices for any paid work, and conveniently have them all in one place. I can see instantly if they’ve been paid, and can even register a payment, even if it hasn’t been made through PayPal. For example, if I received a gift card as a form of payment, I’ll still log it on my account, but I put a little note in the invoice to say that it was a gift card and for what store it is for. It then also gives you the option to print off your invoices, which brings me onto my next point.

Income & Expenses Folder

Since I now earn money from my blog, I knew I had to register as self-employed (even if you’ve only earned a literal penny from your blog, you need to register as self-employed). Every single blog post I read about being self-employed said how keeping a physical copy of your invoices is the way to go.

Once the invoice has been paid from that brand/person, I print it off and then pop it into the correct month. I prefer to print them off as soon as they have been paid, rather than at the end of the month, but this is completely up to you.

I also keep a record of any expenses I’ve made for my blog, and again, keep them in the correct month. There are so many different things you can include as an expense. Wise Bread wrote an article with 101 tax deductions which is going to be a massive help for when the dreaded tax return arrives (I’ve even printed it out).

Prop Drawer

If you saw my updated room tour post, you’ll know I brought all new furniture and ended up with a shit load of storage. In the middle left drawer of my MALM drawers, I keep the majority of my photography props. This is usually the first place I’ll head to if I’m about to have a little photo sesh. I’ve got a whole bunch of props – from flowers, to plates, to confetti, I know I’ll be able to find some space fillers in there.

How do you stay organised as a blogger?

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