17 Ways To Gather More Traffic And Engagement On Your Blog

Getting organic traffic and engagement can be difficult. Not only that, but it can also make you feel down and feel like giving up. Luckily for you, I’ve come across 17 ways to gather more traffic and engagement on your blog.


The reader is your new best blogging friend. Here to can find all the other posts from the people who you follow. I do have quite a large amount of blogs that I follow, so I always have different posts to read, gather inspiration, chat to other bloggers, find out information about things that you never knew, anything and everything! 99.9% of the time that I am on my laptop, I have the Reader tab open for me to have a look through.

If you’re not on WordPress, you can always sign up to BlogLovin’. I’ve recently been using it a lot more, and I find it so simple to use!

Comment On Others Blog Posts

I’ll be honest, if someone comments just ‘Great post!’ on my articles, I have high suspicion that they haven’t read it, if it isn’t followed by another comment afterwards. If you’re reading about a review on a certain product, let the writer know your feelings i.e ‘I wanted to try this out, but I think I’ll stay away from it now! What do you recommend instead of this?’.

If you’re comment is genuine, they’re more likely to come and visit your blog!

Include A Link To Your Blog In Your Comment

This isn’t a personal favourite of mine, and for the love of god please don’t just comment your link and post it. But, if you leave a comment on someone’s blog, attach your blog to it also. People are more likely to click on the link to your blog when it’s right in front of them. You could also link one of your posts to your comment if its relevant. If someones talking about WW2, they’re unlikely going to click on a post about beauty hacks.


This is where people who don’t follow you can find you easier, but beware that you can only have 15 tags AND categories, so choose wisely. Again, make sure that they’re relevant to what your post is about. If you’ve written a Primark haul post, I wouldn’t recommend tagging #IAmAFisherman.

Social Media

Some people may choose to keep their blog anonymous, which is completely fine, but linking posts to your social media accounts is another big help to get you more traffic and potential followers. If you do choose to stay anonymous, you can always make a Facebook/Twitter/Instagram page for your blog, and have it separate from your private life.

Gain Blogging Relationships

It’s always nice to know that you have certain bloggers around you that you can talk to, so go out there and get them relationships flowing!

Ask Your Readers What They Want

You could create a poll, a separate post, or even include it at the bottom of an already written post. Just a simple ‘What would you all like to see next?’ can get your ideas flowing, whilst keeping your readers happy with your content.

Keep Your Posts Relevant

For me, since I’m a beauty blogger, I do try to test out certain products that are popular right now. Also, if you know a brand is releasing a new product, try and get your hands on it quick, and write up a post about it!

Ask Your Readers Questions

I’ve said this before, but you may have noticed that at the end of 99% of my blog posts, I include a question for my readers to answer. It’s a good way to hear different people’s opinions and answers, and will also help you to gain relationships with other bloggers.

Collaborate With Other Bloggers & Guest Post

I bloody love a collab. I published a post asking if anyone would like to collab with myself, and the outcome was incredible! Again, blogger relationships will grow, and since your fellow collaborators will include a link to your page, it can be very traffic friendly!

I personally have never done/had the opportunity to guest post. This basically means that you will be able to write a post on someone else’s blog. This could even be for a popular magazine or website. Keep your eye out for people looking for collaborators and guest posters!

Choose An Eye Catching Title

I definitely don’t have this nailed as much as I would like too. You all by now have stubbled across a ‘click bait’ YouTube video, where they say that they were in a shark attack, where really they just went to an aquarium. I’m not saying to lie, but make your titles as interesting as possible to drawer more people in.

Featured Images

I will rarely click onto someones blog post if it doesn’t have at least a featured image. After all, a picture speaks a thousand words!

Can you imagine if magazines stopped publishing photos, and was just filled with words instead? No thank you.

Up Your Photography Game

You don’t have to run out and buy the most expensive camera you can find. Currently, I use my iPhone 6s camera to take all my photos, and for me, it personally works fine. Make sure your photos aren’t blurry, are well lit, and aren’t boring! You’d be surprised how much of a different some props can be, and I bet you have hundreds of props sitting around your house already!

Make Sure Your Site Is Looking Good

Theres a certain theme that instantly pisses me off. I love a clean and fresh looking blog, where all the content is easy and clear to read. I personally like blogs that have white, bright, and pale colours, and that try to stick to a colour theme.

Publish Regularly

You’re not going to get thousands of views every day if you only post once every few months. Blogging regularly is by no means easy, but if you’re after more traffic and comments, you need to post frequently.

Know What Your Readers Want

Looking at your stats is an easy way to see what your readers want. If your posts about Art is getting more view than your posts about DIY toilet bleach, you know what you’re readers want to see very quickly. It will take some time, but it’s worth knowing.

Don’t Let Stats Get You Down!

There are days where my stats drop massively, and there are days that completely blow me away. Don’t get disheartened by the little number on your homepage. Keep doing what you love to do, and if other people love your posts, it’s a bonus.

What are your favourite Ways To Gather More Traffic And Engagement On Your Blog?

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