Being honest is always something I knew I wanted to be with my blog. I want you and my readers I know that when I write a review of a product, or even create sponsored content, that I will always be completely up front about everything. No amount of plea or money from brands will ever persuade me to say something that I didn’t agree with.

Occasionally, I do create sponsored work. This is where a brand will pay me to talk about their product or service. I will always clearly state at the bottom of that post whether it is sponsored. Again, even if a post you read is sponsored, I can guarantee you that everything I say is my true, honest thoughts.

One of the perks of being a blogger means I very kindly get sent products for free. Occasionally, I accept products in exchange for a product review/mention, and other times brands will just send me a product that I have no obligation to talk about. I do try to talk about every PR package and gifted item I receive, just as a thank you to the brand. If my post does include gifted items, I will clearly state that I was sent that item by letting you know in the post, or I will write ‘This post contains PR samples/gifted products’ at the end of the post.

Some of my posts do include affiliated links and discount codes. This will not effect you as a buyer (unless you use a discount code where it’ll only save you money), but it means I will earn a percentage of the sale. The money I earn from using affiliated links and discount codes are put straight back into my blog. Whether it be for photography props, site hosting, or purchasing products to review.

I do take my own photography for the posts I create. The only times where I will not use my own photography is when I use a brands own image (just the default product image that you can find on their website), or if I have published a guest post. If an image I haven’t taken is used, I will include the original image source. If you would like to use my images for your own use, them you need to clearly state myself as the image source.

I’m currently not accepting any new guest posters, but you will be able to find the occasional guest post on my site. Under each guest post, I will have clearly stated ‘This is a guest post‘ or ‘This is a collaborative post‘.

I adore reading all your lovely comments on my site. I read each and every single one I get, but I can’t guarantee I will reply to every one. The only time I will remove a comment from my site is if it’s spam, offensive, or someone has just dumped their own links and left without including a comment relating to that post.

Like comments, I adore reading emails from readers or brands. Please be aware that I also work full-time, and it can take me a few days to get back to you.

On my site, I do use cookies. This is to benefit you as a reader. You can read my full Privacy Policy HERE.

If you wanted any other information, or wanted to get in touch about working with me, please send me over an email at brookenclarke@yahoo.com.

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