Ever find yourself struggling to pick out an outfit at the beginning of the day? Does your significant other always complain that you take too long preparing when you’re going out? Don’t worry–we’ve all been there. Although we love to look our best and pick out a cohesive outfit everytime we go out, it can take quite a while so here are a couple of outfit-picking hacks that will speed up your day.

4 Outfit-Picking Hacks That Will Speed up Your Day

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Use a Neutral Base

Neutral colours such as black, white, navy and grey are perfect bases for any outfit. Fashion neutrals literally go with anything and if you find yourself taking a while to pick out some clothes, always start with a neutral base! For instance, get yourself a fairly plain white or black shirt to start with.

Next, you can start adding some colours to make it a little more interesting. For example, you could layer something colourful on top, or you could combine it with denim shorts or jeans. The colours won’t clash because you’re using a neutral colour and as long as you use a neutral base, you can wear almost anything with it.


Focus on Comfort

Comfort is important no matter where you’re going. Make sure you consider how comfortable you are in your outfit. Consider dresses from places like Filly Flair that are fairly modest in their designs, but ultimately very comfortable. After all, you don’t want to be tip-toeing around or feeling like your clothes are too tight or too loose–good fashion is all about the fit.

Don’t wear something because it “fits” your outfit unless it’s also comfortable as well. Over time, you’ll slowly build up an idea of what you consider to be comfortable clothing for different occasions and you can stick to them.


Use Loud Designs Sparingly

Different patterns and textures are fantastic, but they need to be used sparingly. You don’t want to mix a shirt with heavy patterns together with a skirt that has equally loud patterns that stand out. Plain block colours are fine especially if you want to quickly pick out an outfit and not worry too much about it.

Just like colours, too many patterns and themes in an outfit can make it stand out in a bad way. You don’t want to clash too many loud designs, logos or images. Keep it simple and you’ll find that you won’t spend ages picking out the right combinations.


Adding Finishing Touches

A couple of finishing touches, such as a belt, a scarf or even jewellery, can quickly spice up and outfit. There are plenty of unique accessories that can easily add flair to an otherwise neutral and plain black dress, or they can give your sporty shorts and top a bit of elegance.


Finishing touches can add a whole new dimension of choice to your outfit, but if you’re modest with your accessories, they can add some style to an otherwise plain outfit in just a few short minutes. Keeping a collection of accessories is never a bad idea!

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