9 Amazing Diamond Cuts For A Very Unique Ring

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If you’re thinking it’s time to put a ring on her finger, you know it can’t be just any ring. Most brides love the round brilliant cut, or even the fancy cut. Yet, there is an entire glittering world of gem cuts worth exploring, and they don’t even have to necessarily be for diamonds.

If you are looking for something a little unique and unusual, here are our picks of the most unusual cuts for your loved one’s special engagement ring.

9 Amazing Diamond Cuts For A Very Unique Ring

The Rough Cut

There’s certainly something rather special about a diamond that has not been cut and polished to conventional standards of brilliance and beauty. Rough cut diamonds boast a natural beauty and plenty of character and can be found amongst engagement rings Queensland shops like Diamond Brokers Queensland stock.

The Sugarloaf Cut

This is a variation on the cabochon cut and boasts a square flat base that point upwards to meet and form a mountain shape. The sugarloaf diamond cut is used mostly on coloured gemstones to really bring out their rich hues.

The Endless Cut

Created by Nirav Modi, the endless cut is one continuous band of diamonds that is held together without any visible metal or even claws. Each piece is customised to the intended wearer’s exact measurements.

The Trilliant Cut

Most often found in eternity rings, the trilliant cut is a band of accent diamonds that feature either side of the central band.

The Radiant Cut

Radiants are either rectangular or square and combine the shape of an emerald cut and the brilliance of a round cut. These diamonds are very similar to the princess cut but boast far more brilliance as well as cropped corner. The cut also enhances colours, so it’s the perfect choice for coloured diamonds.

The Cushion Cut

Also called the pillow, old European or old mine cut, this one has less brilliance but is the perfect choice if you want an antique-looking engagement ring. The cut has undergone several changes over the years to improve its sparkle, too.

The Asscher Cut

There are two kinds of Asscher cuts, with one being called the Royal Asscher. This one has a higher crown as well as more facets and it can be difficult to really hide imperfections in this cut, so a high-quality diamond is important.

The Embrace Cut

Also created by Nirav Modi, the diamond king of India, the embrace cut is somewhat of an ingenious technique. Essentially, it is a flexible and stretchy band that is made entirely of metal. The cut has 90 moving parts that are studded with diamonds.

The Rose Cut

The rose cut is typically faceted on the top and flat bottomed. This cut gives off a unique play of light compared to pointed bottom cut diamonds and is mainly found in antique jewellery. Rose cuts are the hat tip of a diamond cutting where there was less precisions, making each diamond cut like this completely unique. The rose cut’s flatter dimensions mean you get tons of shine and more surface area per carat.

If you are planning to have an engagement ring custom made, any of these diamond cuts can surely make the ring look stunningly unique.

Photo by Rachel Pfuetzner on Unsplash

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